SketchUp 2022 is crashing


My model in SketchUp 2022 keeps crashing constantly. I tried everything, right from saving with a different name to uninstall and reinstall SketchUp 2022 but my model keeps crashing every time I am trying to open it or it shows a blank canvas when opening my model. I have Windows10 fyi.

Please help! Thanks,

A specific model or any .skp file?
How big is the model?
Do you know what video card you have?

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First, put the correct information of your profile, that information help us help you better.
Second, if you don’t share the file we can only guess what’s going on, I’m sure that someone will be able to help you after checking the file, if your model is bigger than 16mb you can use wetransfer, dropbox, google drive or any other platform you like.

Hi Mihai,

Thank you for your kind response. Its a whole house model I built on SketchUp, so yes its a .skp file, size 334MB. As for the video card, the information is in the below screenshot, hoping this is what you are looking for

Kindly let me know if you have any suggestion or need me to send you anything. I don’t come here regularly, hence do not know much about the basic requirements.

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My question was if the problem occurs with any .skp file or only with this one.

With a file of over 300 MB and without a dedicated video card, problems may appear, but it may also be an error in the geometry or the materials of the model, perhaps from some component imported from 3D Warehouse.

If you haven’t done it yet, you can purge the model and see if the problem continues.

Did the problems appear since you created the model or at a certain time?

No, the problem is not with all the .skp files. It only occurs to this file and to all the copies I have saved for this file for different purposes. It was working fine before and the problem started when the laptop shut down suddenly while unattended due to no power & this file was still open. Later when I started to save the recovered versions of this model, it kept crashing. Tried to open all other copies of the same file as well but all of them were crashing.

Your first post should have started with this information.
It is possible that @Colin can try to help you somehow.

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Can you upload the file somewhere for me to try it?