Sketchup crashes when loading a specific model


Last night I was working on a model, I ran cleanup and saved the file. Today, everytime I try to open it Sketchup crashes. Every other file opens just fine.

My computer is a APPLE MACBOOK PRO M2 MAX, 32GB RAM, 12-CORE CPU and 30-CORE GPU.

I think maybe it is because of a bad component or block i downloaded into it, but i can’t open the file to check.

Does anyone know what I can do to fix it?

Thank you very much.

Share the .skp file so we can see what you’ve got and help you fix it.

Very likely if you update to SketchUp 2023 you’ll be able to open the file. If it’s a bad component SU2023 will identify it and remove it so it can open the file.

Thank you so much, DaveR.

Here is the file LM_SALA E VARANDA_V02.skp

It is very big, so I had to share the One Drive file.

Thank you very much.

You’re right. It does open fine in SU2023 and it doesn’t appear that there’s a bad component.

There is some incorrect tag usage which I fixed and a bunch of excessively large texture images which could cause you trouble. I resized the largest ones which reduced the file size by about 42%. I also see you are using so heavily detailed entourage components that could stand to be simplified. I’ll leave that for you, though.

Thank you so much for doing that! Even the file you’ve sent me is crashing. I’ll make sure to update my Sketchup to the 2023 version and simplify the components.

DaveR, how did you resize the exessively large images? Is there an easy way to locate them and resize?

There is a free extension by the SketchUp team in the Extension Warehouse called Material Resizer.

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I used what @Anssi indicated.

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