Model keeps Crashing. SKP Pro

To be clear, this occurs infrequently and only with this model.

The only time I’ve noticed it happening is when the model has been open for a while.

Symptoms: I get a lot of noise on the screen: huge black angular shapes, sort of like surfaces become black coloured and remain in place as I rotate the model, multiplying these angularities

Hoping someone has some ideas - I’ve done the obvious like cleaning it up but problem persists

This was one of the first models I built. I redid yesterday deleting almost all of the old geometry (roof supports and railings were copied over) but problem continues; it’s almost as though there is a hidden fault somewhere

Link here:

Thanks all

This implies some graphics issue. Are you still using SketchUp 2022? Have you checked with Nvidia to see that graphics drivers are up to date? Don’t trust Windows to tell you that. You say SketchUp crashes. Is it really crashing? Are you getting Bug Splats? If so, are you sending them in?

I don’t see anything in your model that is weird. There is one component and 19 materials that are unused and could be purged.

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Thanks mate

I’ll give that a go,

They’re not splat crashes, you’re right, just screen carnage that leads to SKP hogging 95% of RAM

Thanks again for the swift repsonse

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Good luck with it.

I still have your file open and nothing strange has happened.

Check under Preferences>OpenGL to see that The Nvidia graphics card is set to display SketchUp, too.

What gpu do you have, there’s no RTX 1060 with 16 gb of video memory.

I recommend you to download the GeForce experience software from the Nvidia’s website, there download the latest studio Drivers.

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