Layout Crashing @ PDF Export

I am running SketchUp Pro 2023 with Layout with a Windows 11 Laptop running a Quadro RTX 5000 graphics card. I have a pretty basic Sketchup model and am using Layout to generate a single ARCH D sheet that has a floor plan, and three schedules. When I attempt to export the PDF the Layout file crashes every time.

Link skp: strong text
Links lo: strong text

Could you give access to the links?

When you say crash, does LayOut lockup apparently forever, or immediately crash? If it immediately crashes do you get a chance to send in a bugsplat the next time you start a LayOut document?

It locks up forever and then after a long time. I let it sit for like 20 minutes to give it a chance nothing. Total lock up and that dialogue comes up from windows that says it’s not responding. So, no bug splat.

You have to make public the files so Colin or anyone else can download them and check what’s going on with your file.

Thanks. I just fixed the access

Access granted

Do you really need to have all those 3D people? They are very heavy, I would add the people on Gimp or photoshop, or download 2D people and make them components always facing the camera. also, most of your assets are unnecessarily detailed, you have T-shirts with a crazy amount of geometry, bottles, jars, computers with a level of detail that won’t even be appreciated. If you are planning to render you could use proxy´s, Enscape has really good proxys of everything you used as assets, without all that geometry your model would be very light and easy to work with. I´m replacing some assets with low poly ones, The file is lighter now and easy to work with. I´ll share the files in a few minutes.

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Here are some images of the model and a quick render with enscape using low poly assets.

You had enabled the option to render as hybrid the viewports, I disabled it and the export took 1 second. Here are the files.

I also fixed some incorrect tag usage and purged the file, it’s almost 50% lighter than the ones you shared. I deleted all the 3D people but if you prefer having them you can get them back from your original file. There are still a lot of assets that could be replaced with low poly ones, on the enscape assets library there are almost all the objects you used as assets but low poly, most of your assets are components with a lot of instances or groups that can still converted to components, so if you edit one component delete the object and replace with a low poly proxy all of them will be changed, if you want I can do that but I’ll do it in the afternoon.

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francisquitof has helped already. The thing I was thinking about is that in 2023.1 LayOut documents would default to having the Document Setup…/Rendering option set to override the viewport settings, so they all export as vector or hybrid, instead of raster. In 2023.1.3 that was changed, so the default is for it to be off.

If you had worked on a file in 2023.1 and saved it, the setting would still be turned on, you would need to uncheck the box for override yourself.

For interest I’m going to try exporting a PDF to see how long it takes.

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Thank you!! Amazing. I was so confused as the file was sent to me so I could do the architectural sheet. I hadn’t used Sketchup in a couple of years and couldn’t fathom why layout had become so slow. I’m glad it’s not the product but the model! As it usually is when things go wrong.

Ok. Thanks a ton. I’ll continue where you left off with cleaning the file up.

Thanks Colin! I’ll take a look at this too.

I lost track of the time, but it was a few hours to export the PDF. It does look good.


The sketchup file is too heavy, did you export the file I shared or the original one?

If you’re asking me, I exported the original file, to prove that LayOut hadn’t crashed. It just took a long time.