I can't make a pdf file from my layout file

I can not export my layout file into a pdf… I don’t think i do anything different but it just crashes…
Eversince i’ve been working on my new mac, layout is hassling me.

download link file :

thnx for the help :wink:

Does this help…

What is it that indicates it is crashing?

It’s a huge file. It’s slow to export on my machine but it’s exporting.

have you got any idea why it is so big? I just refer to one su file and i didn’t add anything to the pages…

it was ticked, but even if i untick it the export does not work…

oh sorry, it did!! I just didn’t wait long enough… :slight_smile: it took 2min but it’s ok now.

FWIW, I was able to export the PDF file. Even the PDF is huge. I also had a look at your SketchUp model. You could make things easier on you and your computer if you’d keep your SketchUp files clean and light. I purged unused stuff from your model. There’s a lot of hoarded unused components and materials bloating your file.
Screenshot - 3_22_2024 , 3_30_25 PM
Of the remaining materials there are quite a few excessively large ones which I resized to make them more reasonable. This reduced the size of the SketchUp model file by 54%. You could improve the model further with better choices for the entourage components you’ve added. Many of them are overly detailed for the job you have them doing in your model.

I wouldn’t blame LayOut in this case. I’d blame the computer and the bloated SketchUp file.

Here’s the PDF file from your LayOut file.

that’s a huge reduction!! i didn’t know you could resize materials too…
normally i ‘purge unused’ when my drawing is getting slower, but it worked fine today :slight_smile:
can you recommand a place to find lighter components? or do i just need to watch out what i upload into my model? (i really only look at the things that look nice, not the size of the files obviously)

Yes it is but I would look for more places to reduce file size. For example, removing the labels from the candles and the bottles in the shower.

Unless those brands are what your model is about, they aren’t needed and if they aren’t needed, they become a liability, not an asset.

Yes. You can. I used an extension called Material Resizer to do that. You can get it from the Extension Warehouse.

I would suggest not waiting until your model is getting slower. Make it a habit of keeping your models clean and streamlined. As for collecting components from the 3D Warehouse, don’t download them directly into your projects. Download them into a separate SketchUp session so you can check to see if they are suitable for use in your model. If the require some cleanup, do that or reject them and go shopping again. Only add the components to your project when you know they are trimmed down as much as possible and are suitable for your use.

You should be looking at things like file size, polygon and material counts. You can see those in the 3D Warehouse UI.

You should be watching what you download very carefully.

OK, i will keep that in mind.
Thanks for your help :wink:

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