Layout not exporting PDF

Hello, I am trying to export a file from layout to PDF. I tried once and succeeded but I had to amend something in the original file and export again and now it simply doesn’t work.

I try to export and Layout just not respond, freezes and I have to close and re initiate it.

I believe it may be because of my sketchup files added in Layout are now on hybrid mode.

Could someone advise please? Thank you so much :pray:t3:

Share the LayOut file so we can see what you’ve got going on.

If it is a large model, Hybrid rendering a lot of views can turn slow, hours compared to minutes with Raster. As @DaveR says, post the file to learn more.

Thank you so much, the file is pretty large alright. I could not upload here because it says the file is 0 bytes. I did a link on wetransfer:

Thanks again!

A 1 GB file? No wonder it’s taking so long. I’ll try to look at your file.

:joy: Thank you Dave, any tip more than welcome

I’m still waiting for the LO file to open. Will you share the .skp file please? Maybe I can do something with it.

Here we go David. There 3 files for each of the rooms.

OK. Let me see what I can see.

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OK. I’m still waiting for your LayOut file to open but I’ve looked at ppne of your SketchUp files so far. This is what I’ve found.

First, incorrect tag usage. All edges and faces should be created and remain untagged.
Screenshot - 11_8_2023 , 12_35_36 PM
Second tons of unused stuff in the model.
Screenshot - 11_8_2023 , 12_36_28 PM
No need to be hoarding all those components and materials. It’s like you’ve dragged home all kinds of furniture and decorations from the store, decided you don’t like them, and shoved them up into the attic instead of returning them or giving them away. They don’t provide any benefit but they are a huge liability. This seems to be typical thing that interior designers do.

There were also some excessively large texture images which I made more reasonable in size. This reduced the file size by 59%.

That excess stuff gets carried over to the LayOut file and doesn’t help you there, either.

I also see that the two lounge chairs have all of the triangulating edges visible.

That’ll make LayOut work very hard especially with viewports rendered as Hybrid because all of those edges have to be vector render. Simplyfying the component ad softening the edges would go a long way to reducing render times in LayOut.

I also notice that most of the faces in the Monopoly game are reversed. That won’t be a problem in LayOut but it will if you plan to do any photo-realistic rendering.

I’ll look at the other two SketchUp files while I wait for your LO file to open but I expect I’ll find the same sort of things.

Edit to add:

Mudroom file:
Screenshot - 11_8_2023 , 12_53_36 PM

Screenshot - 11_8_2023 , 12_55_19 PM

98.8% file size reduction.

Utility file:
Screenshot - 11_8_2023 , 1_00_34 PM

Screenshot - 11_8_2023 , 1_01_57 PM

42% file size reduction.

And nearly an hour later your LO file just opened. I’ll see if I can do anything with it.

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Thank you so much, Dave. I will have a look at this file now to try to reduce the size o the file.
Thanks again for looking into it

See my edits above.

98.8% file size reduction. - omg…
if you don’t mind me asking, the tag issue is not very clear to me. I shouldn’t be tagging the items?

Yeah. Although I have seen worse. :wink:

You should be tagging groups and components. You should NOT be tagging edges and faces. They should remain untagged. The thing is you could be getting some of that from stuff you collect from the 3D Warehouse. That’s probably where many of the excessively large texture images come from, too.

Oh ok… so when I purge the tags are purged too or do I need to go somewhere else to clean that up?


The tags are only purged if they are not applied to anything. I used a plugin from Sketchucation called Default Layer Geometry to remove the tags from the edges and faces in the model.

Looking at your LO file. It’s going very slowly, as you might guess.

First thing I notice is the huge number of references. Look at the scroll bar on the right side.

I purged the LayOut file. This got rid of a lot of unused stuff including some .skp files. There’s still an awful lot of references. Again look at the scroll bar.

There’s still at least one .skp file reference you didn’t share. I’ll guess it also suffers from the same ills as your others.

There seem to be a lot of embedded Clipboard Image references. That indicates you copied those images from somewhere and pasted them into the document. It’s a quick way to get images into LayOut but it can be a problem because there’s no external reference image file incase things go pear-shaped. Better to save the images into a project folder and insert them into LayOut so you have a backup as an option.

I’m in the process of replacing the huge .skp references with the purged ones to see if the LO file will behave any better.

Default Layer Geometry - I will download the plugin
Copied Images - I was not aware of that, I will fix that for future times
Where can I find this list of references in Layout? Or I should just purge Layout as we purge Sketchup?

This has been really helpful, Dave. Thank you so much!

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File>Document Setup>References.

You should purge the unused stuff from yur LayOut files as well as your SketchUp files. From the names of some of the unused content in the LayOut file it makes me wonder if you opened a previous LayOut project, deleted the viewports and other project specific stuff before starting the current project. Is that the case? If so, you should really be making your own template that has the title block stuff but not the project specific stuff. Then you wouldn’t need to worry about deleting a bunch of old stuff so you can get on with the new.

You’re quite welcome.

I’m still waiting on your LO file to update.

Yes, that was the case, good catch. I will do that too and create a clean template.
Ok! :slightly_smiling_face:

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