Problem wth layout


Im trying to copy some elevations to layout but every time do it layout become really slow and even get stuck sometime.
Its not a heavy sketchup file or anything.
I use macbook air 2017 and everything else works perfect. any ideas what could be the reason?



I can think of lots of possibilities. Seeing the LayOut file would be a big help.

You say you are “copying some elevations”. From where? Are you copying and pasting from SketchUp? If so, that’s not the right process for getting your SketchUp model into LayOut. That can create a number of problems.

Share the LayOut file and let’s see what you’ve got.

Also, please complete your profile information with Mac OS version and graphics card.


Thanks for the comment. i’ll answer one thing at a time.

  1. I will complete my profile information but for now I can tell you that the graphic card is Intel HD Graphics 6000 and the full info is here:

  2. Im not really copying it, I use the “send to layout command” and then copy the view port 3 times in order to change the scenes in each one.

  3. Im uploading the layout file, but just so you know i didn’t get the change to do anything with t so far because it keeps getting stuck. i cant even use my right click cause even this make it stuck.

Maybe its happening because m changing to hybrid?

and one more thing. yesterday i created a file and it didn’t happen.
anyway, check it out.

Thanks again


Integrated Intel graphics are well known to be lacking in the realm of adequate OpenGL support on which both SketchUp and LayOut rely.

OK. That’s good.

Hybrid rendering (as well as Vector) will take longer than straight Raster rendering. It would be best to leave your viewports set to Raster until you are ready to export to PDF or make a presentation.

Probably more after I look at your file.



It wouldn’t hurt to purge unused stuff from your model. I purged the following:

There seems to be some excessive detail in the model that would cause a huge slowdown in rendering, especially with a graphics card that isn’t that great to begin with.

The tiles could be greatly simplified and still look fine. It would also help if you had made the first tile a component instead of a group and then copied that. It would be even better to use a texture instead.

The toilet has a bunch of unneeded internal geometry that won’t be seen so it could be edited and reduced in size.

The bottles on the ledge probably don’t need detailed labels. You aren’t selling the product in those bottles are you? Replacing the image textures with simple colors would help to reduce the file size and also reduce the rendering load in LO.

If I had more time available, I’d fix up your model to make it more efficient and give your graphics card a fighting chance.

Another thing you could do that will help is set the face style to Hidden Line or Monochrome while you are working on the project in LayOut. You don’t need to see the textures and colors while you are working and the Hidden Line and Monochrome face styles will speed things up a lot since there’ll be no need to render the textures. In SketchUp change the style accordingly and update the scenes. When you have the LO document otherwise ready for export, change the style in SketchUp back to Shaded with Textures, update the scenes, and then update the reference in LayOut. Unless you improve the model as I described above, you’ll still have to wait for the viewports to render but you’ll only need to do it once.


thank you very much!


FWIW, I worked with the model reducing and simplifying it. I was able to render all three viewports (different scenes and with textures on) as Hybrid in less than 30 seconds. I do have a better graphics card but before cleaning up the model, it was taking four or five minutes to render just one viewport.