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Hi, the company i’m working on right now, installed on another company a super computer with the latest hardware, Nvidea 1080 8gb, intel i7, 32gb ram, etc etc…

Now, that company wants to improve even more the Sketchup performance, so the rendering time goes down even more.

Do you have any suggestions on what should i do? Im talking about changing any options on the software (besides the “Hardware Acceleration” option).



• SketchUp Help Center : Improving Performance


I don’t want to change any quality settings, i wanna keep all looking good, but i wanna know if there’s a way to speed up even more the machine, on the software settings…


how should this work especially without affecting the display output quality? And wouldn’t this not already be activated in the software…

… in the OpenGL settings of SU you can check if Anti Aliasing is not set to high (4x AA is typically sufficient) and the option to use max. texture size is disabled (= default).

If the i7 is not already a high-clocked ‘K’ version upgrading might be an option.


I installed the plugin to start the render (IRender). Can you tell me what is the best settings to make the render go the fastest it can?


nope but you may want ask the guys at their forum for fast settings.


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