Speeding up SketchUp

Recently upgraded my laptop to a predator Helios 500. It has nvidia gtx 1070 card and core i7. With the ability to overclock (whatever that means). When I work in sketchup, modelling still lags. Not as much as it used too, but still bothersome. What are some ways I can optimize my computer and settings so sketchup can work faster for me? I want the ability to do it with textures and shadows on. Are there any computer settings I’m not utilizing?

read it from the user guide …

Then your speed will suffer. These are presentation settings. If you have the style toolbar open, it’s a one click button to toggle textures. Same for the shadow toolbar.

  • Lower the anti-aliasing
  • Use a fast style (no extensions, no endpoints, no profiles, no jitter, no depth cue)
  • Switch off fog.
  • Switch off layers your not working on.

This all implies that you’d have a presentation scene(s) with presentation style(s).
But would model in a special scene with a fast working style set for it.

The anti-aliasing is not a style setting so at some point when your model is done, you’d want to crank up the AA again.


No amount of fancy hardware can overcome poor modeling techniques.
See this compendium of performance modeling tips.


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