New card and SU15 and all of a sudden I have jagged lines

I run windows 8.1 64 bit and last week I treated myself to a new graphics card (GTX970) and installed SU 15. However, now I have jagged lines which I didn’t experience with my 4-year-old graphics card, I have tried the SU preferences and capabilities setting (says: 52 True Color Medium Ani-Alias 4x is the highest setting).
Tried reinstalling the drivers etc., but none of it works. So I am a bit at a loss.
Can anyone help me.

Set the graphics driver app to let the 3D application decide the settings, whereupon you should be able to select the higher anti-aliasing mode from within SU. Look for a screen like this:



Tried this as well…isn’t working I’m afraid. Still have only 2x and 4x ant-alias

The usual anti-alias options are 0x, 2x and 4x
4x being the smoothest.

Notice in the GTX970 Specifications it’s a rather power hungry beast. (145W)
Per nVidia … Minimum System Power Requirement = 500W
• Confirm the system is up to the task of supplying sufficient power.
• See if nVidia has a different driver. Sometimes an older driver works better than the newest.

Indeed it’s quite a hungry beastie, but have a 650W Cooler Master so should be fine there.
Can downroll the driver. But really annoyed that an old GTX460 gives a higher resolution than this card, which should be so much better at everything hands down, two fingers in the nose etc.

Before I decide to return it, has anyone got any other ideas please?!?!?
More and more leaning towards getting a quadro k2200 (not much more expensive). Although I think that will not make much of a difference with Sketchup, or will it?

P.S. That rollback of the drivers didn’t work either.

the GTX 460 also under Win 8.1 and with SU v2105?

a GTX 970 is more than 3 times faster than a GTX 460… that’s of real importance not an anti-aliasing of 8 times which probably does not show much visuable difference to a 4x anti-alias… at least with a high-res display… but slows down display output speed instead.

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Have you been able to resolve this problem with the 970 card?

I have the same problem, my drivers are fine and up to date (not rolling it back, it won’t make a difference). I have way more than enough power to keep this thing happy, and yes it is completely functional. It is very much a nuisance to have jagged lines, since I will be exporting my 3d model into a .jpeg from a certain view angle and photoshopping it.

I also have the gtx 970

As has been said here before:

  • In the Nvidia control panel, check that Antialiasing and Anisotopic Filtering are set to “Application controlled”.
  • In SketchUp, select the highest Antialiasing option available in Window menu>Preferences>OpenGL.

You will get the best image export from Sketchup if you export your JPG to a higher resolution than you need, and downsample the image in an image editor like Photoshop. This will create much better antialiasing than the one available in SketchUp.


I’ve had GTX 460 and now own GTX 750. fixing some settings in nvidia driver app and allowing all graphics settings in SketchUp cleared all jagges lines.

*You may have to restart SketchUp to have any changed reflected correctly.

How did you made it?

that was a while back. but just update your GPU driver.

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my GPU drivers are up to date