Layout, scene with matched photo & sketchup drawing

I have scene setup in Sketchup with matched photos and Sketchup art superimposed on it. In Layout Viewport my Sketchup art is is showing pixelated, I want it to show vector. I have try the Layout Viewport settings of Vector, Raster & Hybrid, to no avail. HELP!

Can you share the LO file?

Hybrid render should give you the match photo image and textures along with vector line work.

What version of SketchUp and LayOut are you using? Please complete your profile.

using 2021 Layout Elevations.layout (2.8 MB)

that is what I thought

You have edges turned off in the style you set in SketchUp so it’s not surprising there’d be no vector edges in the viewport when you render as vector or Hybrid.
Screenshot - 12_3_2020 , 9_41_47 AM

After turning on the edges and updating the style, and updating the reference in LayOut, the vector edges appear as expected.

Here I created a scene zoomed in on the sign and used that for a viewport. This screenshot is from the exported PDF. It’s unfortunate that the image of the building isn’t higher resolution.

ok trying

no change after i update in layout, there is a warning icon next to Hybrid in the tray

Deselect and reselect the viewport and the warning will disappear.

This is what I see when I zoom in very close in your viewport. The vector lines are there but can be difficult to see due to the lower quality display resolution for the faces which are rasterized.

how do I get around that?

You can increase the display quality in Document Setup>Paper. It’s normally set to Medium to help keep the graphics card from bogging down. When you export a PDF you can set Output Quality to High to get a better appearance. The photo, though, is low res so it’s not going to get much sharper.

This is from the PDF exported with High Quality selected.

my Layout crashes too, I know the photo is pixelated, its from goggle maps.

thanks a great deal , it printed fine

Don’t you know that it is forbidden to use Google Maps imagery in your work?

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