Jagged lines in Layout

I have read some other posts about this and attempted to fix.
The problem I am having is my lines look fine in SketchUp, when I send to Layout they are jagged. I can change to vector and the lines become straight. However one scene does not change and causes Layout to crash… it spends a lot of time thinking and then if I click anywhere on the page Layout changes to “not responding”, all I can do is close the program.

How else could I attempt to fix this and/or why does Layout keep crashing? Thanks

This is the plan - the jagged line are at the top

Are you able to share the file?

I have for the moment given up using Vector or Hybrid rendering, except when especially needing it (for example for export to DWG). I set my Export resolution to High and Display resolution to Low. Your image looks like you are using the default Medium or Low.

Is that because Vector/Hybrid slows Layout down too much?

Where do you change the export and display resolutions?

My models are small so it really isn’t a performance issue for me. But I still stumble upon glitches like missing lines in Vector rendering.

Document setup>Paper. You can also select the export resolution in the Export dialog (in Windows, don’t know about the Mac).

On a Mac, it is all in Doc Setup>Paper it seems. I had mine set at Medium in both cases. Changing the display to Low doesn’t immediately make any difference but is that because my viewports are rendered Hybrid?

windows here (as you know :wink: )

Both Hybrid:

Output Low…

Output High…

I wouldn’t be too happy with that amount of jaggedness even on High resolution. I don’t think I get that but maybe I just haven’t zoomed in enough!