Jagged Lines in Layout vs Sketchup

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I’ve been a Sketchup and Layout user for over 10 years. I design kitchens mainly and I like to use a slightly sketchy style for my drawings. I’ve always noticed that my lines look beautiful and smooth in Sketchup but
the same Raster view in Layout is very jagged. I have to use Raster to get my sketchy style so Hybrid or Vector is not an option. It seems I’ve seen other Layout drawings on the web that have sketchy styles that aren’t jagged like BMike’s wonderful work. See my attached examples of a Sketchup screenshot and a Layout screenshot of the same view.

I think I have all necessary settings correct but please correct me if I’m missing something.


After I posted this I see that it hard to tell the difference between my two screen shots. The first one is in Sketchup and the second one is in Layout. You can tell the difference the most at the bottom of the window sil on the right side of the drawing.

You can change the settings for how LO displays on screen and have another setting for how LO exports to PDF. I have screen representation set to low, and output to high.

I’ll take a more detailed look next week when I have the laptop fired up and can post some examples.

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Hi Mike

Thanks for the reply! I did try changing the export resolution to high in layout but that didn’t do the trick.
I had a lengthy conversation with Dave Richards about this and he mentioned that there was a bug in LO2018
where line extensions don’t work in Vector or Hybrid mode. He suggested a work around by layering a vector viewport with crisp lines over a raster viewport with a more sketchy style. You have to make sure to turn off the background in the vector viewport for this to work. It works pretty well but kind of a hassle. I’m wondering how you get your slightly sketchy style to look so crisp in your outputs. Thanks for your time Mike!

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All of the posts here and elsewhere showing my work are likely from 2016 md 2017 versions. I’ll have to have a look.

Prior to including the section cut fills baked into SketchUp I often stacked viewports. Vector for just the cut filled in, and raster for a background.

I’m deep into a project with some layering and a sketchy style - I’ll see if I can post some output for comparison.

Ahhh! So it sounds look you were doing what Dave advised me to do and stack viewports. Please post some of your recent sketchy style drawings when you can. I’d love to see them. Thanks for sharing!


I feel so validated! :smiley: :smiley:

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