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Hi all, good morning.

Why is it that when I send a document to layout to annotate, I seem to have a hard time getting fine lines. It’s often choppy and/or missing corner. See example attached. Is there a setting or something to adjust this? I don’t tough anything. Just send it and that’s how it comes our more than often.

Thoughts/guidance?sketchup forum.pdf (204.4 KB)

I suggest you look first at the SketchUp Model tray in LayOut. Select the viewport containing the SketchUp model. Then look at the bottom right corner of the SketchUp model tray; choose Vector from the options, then click the Render button at the bottom left.
If that doesn’t work, check the style options in LayOut to be sure you’re using one of the default styles and not something else.

Ok I did this and it worked. thank you. it there a way to make this default?

Glad to help. I’mm not sure about the default. I’ll let someone who has more experience with LayOut answer that one.

I don’t know about it being the default. It, and Hybrid, are a lot more demanding than Raster, you might regret it later when inserting a new model.

In Document Setup, Paper, you can set different quality for output and display. That is an easy way to be able to get good quality exports while it not being so demanding while you work.

Another thing to watch out for, Vector and Hybrid render geometry that is a long way from the origin differently. It’s to do with the math used for the two types. If you notice a difference in scale (when switching between raster and vector), or while in Hybrid you notice ghosting, check your original model, and get things close to the origin.

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Because of the toll on the system its probably better to leave it all raster and just switch to vector ( or hybrid) at the time you have finished the complete document and want to publish - export it.

I find it challenging with the choppy lines to do the measurements properly on my final plan. But I’ll try. Thank you for your guidance