In layout, why does the image quality drop as soon as the relevant window is closed?!

When using Layout, if I double click on a viewport the image quality looks great… as soon as I click off the viewport and it closes it drops to a far less acceptable quality… WHY?!?

The first pic shows the closed viewport… the dimensions are all blurred and much larger. The second shot shows it when it is active, and everything is much clearer…

Any help appreciated!



The top/rubbish one is how it prints… :confused:

When you select your SketchUp model view, you can choose View Sytle at
Window - SketchUp Model - View - Raster/Vector/Hibird

You can select rendering resolution at
File - Document Setup - Paper - Rendering Resolution (Display / Output)

As @genki_tt, insinuates, the viewport is being rendered as a raster image. You can change it to Vector or Hybrid to get vector edges.

You should not be double clicking on the viewport to make changes to the view. Doing so disconnects the viewport from the original scene in SketchUp. This means that scene-specific changes you make in SketchUp will not show in the viewport. Instead, make changes to zoom and camera position in SketchUp and update the scene.

You’d get nicer looking dimensions if you would use LayOut’s dimensioning tools instead of SketchUp’s.

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Thanks guys, appreciate the help.

Dave… I struggle with the dimensioning tool in Layout… it has a funny tendency to decide where it wants to register to/from, and I feel like I have less control over it?

I don’t know why that would be. I’ve been doing dimensioned drawings for woodworking projects for years and prefer LayOut’s dimensioning tools over SketchUp’s. What version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile doesn’t say.

I’ve got the most recent version of pro…

The most common problem is when I have drawn a kitchen out, and have a plan view. If for instance the worktop measurements are being entered, it will frequently start where I click at one edge of the worktop and then will only want to register with the floor, obviously giving an erroneous reading.

…Like this?!!

Why is the bottom left dimension showing as 0.12m… clearly that run of worktop is not 120mm long!!!

Check your [Dimension Style], if it is set to [Auto Scale], you need to set [Object Snap] on.

Brilliant… Thanks!