[layout] hybrid mode + dimensions from SketchUp = twice visible / crashes

I always create my dimensions in SketchUp, works fine for me. After updating last week to 21.0.391 I noticed a problem with dimensions when using hybrid mode. See pic and LayOut file.

The project was running fine in the previous 2021 version. I haven’t seen the problem in other projects.

For some views, I need hybrid mode. Dimensions are fine in raster or vector. In hybrid both a raster and vector dimension are visible.
Switching between raster-vector-hybrid often results in a crash.

hybrid.layout (328.1 KB)

I struggle to reproduce this. Do you see any pattern to when it occurs?

Does the issue disappear if you double click the viewport and change the camera slightly?

You can’t reproduce this? It occurs as soon as I switch to hybrid mode in this file. All other modes are fine.
After double clicking the viewport and changing the camera the effect disappears while the viewport is active. As soon as I ‘leave’ the viewport its back again.

Maybe the SketchUp file is bugged somehow? Or should I try to de-install + re-install layout?
Edit: saving this file to LayOut2020 and opening in LayOut 2020 and all is fine again in there.

I can see the problem in your file but I can’t reproduce it in my own. This is what I see when I try it.

I can see it too. Haven’t found anything more intelligent to say yet.

This is similar to an issue I had long time ago, reported to Sketchup team, and was since then fixed. It was related with some cameras on some viewports that had a high scale like 1:10 to 1:1, of a small details from a model that used to be several meters.

On some viewports the problem would show up, while not in others. It was consistently fixed if the viewport had a square or 2:1 proportion. Any other would create huge deviations.

The main differences I see is that it hasn’t occured to me in years and it wasn’t only on dimensions, but in the whole model.

If it is the same thing, my advice would be to change the size of the viewport…

Thanks for the suggestion;

  • changing the size of the viewport doesn’t fix this
  • its 1:100 scale, model isn’t really large / small

Will investigate more next week if I find the time…

edit: see crash bug reports Crash #9508 and Crash #9509

Most likely, the grouping causes this. The aspect ratio of the group that contains the linear dimension(s) is out of bounds. I have seen this behavior in such groups where hybrid doesn’t sync with vector.
With plain geometry, that is, not sure how it renders the texts of dimensions.

I did some testing - seems like the bug is stored in / related to the scene(s) somehow.

  • Same layout file
  • Right click-open SketchUp model
  • In SketchUp, only delete all scenes - no changes to groups or hierarchy
  • create a new top view scene
  • save SketchUp
  • update view in layout
  • hybrid mode works fine again, no crashes anymore when switching from raster to vector to hybrid etc.

I have no clue what caused this