Hybrid rendering lost on most files when they are reviewd

Hi, I’ve been using SketchUp 2016 Pro / Layout for around 4 months time and I can’t figure out why rarely when I reopen layout drawings, all the views from SketchUp are rendered in hybrid and most of the time they open as raster render even though they have been previously render to hybrid quality and saved.

Does anyone know of any particular reason why this is occurring? Is there a way to permanently save hybrid quality render so that when the file is reopened let’s say few months later for reviewing it stays the hybrid quality?

The reason I’m asking is because certain files have a lot of components in them and re-rendering them to hybrid quality may involve multiple hours of rendering time and that disables layout use as during rendering there is no possibility of opening another layout instance.

Any suggestions or known reason for this is much appreciated!

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That’s an odd thing. I have never run into this before. If I render a viewport as Hybrid (or Vector) it stays that way. They haven’t changed on their own. So all of the viewports are changing to Raster> Do you ever render in Vector instead of Hybrid? If so, do those viewports change, too? Can you share a sample LO file in which this has happened?

I have never used Vector rendering so I can’t say. Only Raster and then Hybrid for final version for export to PDF. Unfortunately I can’t upload the layout file because it is too large (28,106 KB). Was going to upload the pdf version but that’s too big too (5,011 KB). But I can see the PDF is done in hybrid quality render and when I open the layout file version it’s in raster. This particular file is saved on my computer and not on server so I’m sure I was the only one to have access to as well. Sorry what do you mean by “sample LO file”?

if by “sample LO” you meant ‘sample LOG’ I’m, not sure how to create / or where to get log file? Sorry, would need a hand with that

No. I meant a sample LayOut file.

I can’t get the LayOut file sample to be small enough… I’ve left one view on there and the file size is still around 28 KB… However when I tried copying one of the views from this particular file onto a blank template I was unable to save that file due to error code 15.

28 KB is a tiny file so I’m guessing you mean 28 MB.

Maybe you could purge unused stuff from the SKP file as well as from the LayOut file.

Yes, sorry i did mean 28 MB. I did purge both files and the file size of the sample is 22 MB. However I may be onto something because I’ve opened quite a few old files and have noticed that the ones that lost the Hybrid render quality had a warning triangle - same one you’d see when for example you’d Update Model Reference - so I’m thinking if for some reason LayOut lost path to the original SketchUp file. But at the same time I don’t think it’s plausible because the SketchUP files are in the same folder as the LayOut Files.

Do the files show as “missing” in Document setup, though? If the original reference is missing or the path has changed, you could still have problems.

Another thought that comes to mind is your graphics card. The AMD Radeon cards are well known to be lacking in good OpenGL support and as odd as it might sound, the graphics card can have an impact on the rendering in LO. You might go into SketchUp’s Preferences and turn off Hardware Acceleration under OpenGL. the setting also affects LO. Then see if LayOut behaves better.

If that works, check to see if there are any updates for the graphics drivers and install them. Watch to see if an app called Plays.TV gets installed with the driver update and remove it if it does. That app has caused problems for many users with AMD cards.

Yes, they do say “missing” in the Document Setup.

Well, my machine is actually s***. No other way to put it. My boss did tell me to build a new machine and to place an order so I’m in process of doing so. The current machine that I use doesn’t actually have graphic card. And the processor that’s in it is AMD A8-7650K Radeaon R7.

However though, my CAD manager uses an i5 processor with GTX 745 and does have the same problem with LayOut as I do, where the render quality reverts back to raster from hybrid.

Maybe fix the references so they aren’t missing. It’s not a good idea to leave them that way anyway. If you can’t access the original file externally, make the reference look at the embedded file instead. Also make sure your viewports don’t show as modified in the SketchUp Model inspector window.

I know this is off topic but would you know why the references are “missing” if SketchUp file is still in the original place and it hasn’t been edited in any way?

I did check SketchUp file and the view is set on Shaded with Textures so that couldn’t effect the LayOut File.

By the way thanks for all your time and help thus far.

I don’t know what caused LO to think the SKP file references are missing. Out of curiosity, are you copying views from SU and pasting them into LO? Are there a bunch of references to what amounts to the same SKP file?

Sorry I haven’t helped you get to the bottom of the problem yet.

Maybe you could e-mail the LO file to me or upload it to DropBox or Trimble Connect and share it with me.

I’m not sure what you mean by copying views from SU and pasting them to LO. My standard process would be to create a 3D model SU, then create multiple views, where I would hide unnecessary items that are not seen to save time on hybrid rendering in LO. I would then insert the SU file in LO through the File>Insert method. Afterwards once I have one view in position I would copy it with holding down CTRL and then on the ‘SketchUP Model’ Tab I’d change scenes. I’d repeat the process how many times necessary to cover all the scenes I have created. - sorry for the long winded response.

As for references for this particular file there are 3, which there should be. 1 for The template table and 2 references from two different SU files as I needed to include additional view detail and it was just easier for me to create new SU file then edit all the scenes on the original file.

Installing dropbox now

OK. It sounds like you aren’t copying from SU and pasting to LO. I’ve seen a number of case in which people have done that without making scenes. It tends to cause a lot of problems.

Hiding stuff isn’t a great way to manage visibility for scenes. You’d be better off to use Layers for that.

Hmmmm… I wonder if there’s something in that statement that would be a clue.

How is hiding stuff not good for visibility for scenes? To be fair I never learnt how to use layers effectively in SU so I don’t mind learning it, however with hiding components, it’s really fast and the rendering time is definitively improved.

As for “and 2 references from two different SU files as I needed to include additional view detail and it was just easier for me to create new SU file then edit all the scenes on the original file.” Let me just elaborate. I just needed to show a bolt detail for a wall system, where I accidentally hidden on one of the views in the original SU file - lets call this file SU1- with all the scenes. Unfortunately I didn’t notice that until I rendered the LO file in hybrid, which took around 3 hours or so. Therefore in stead of editing the scenes in SU1 and having to re-render everything I just made another SU file - SU2 - with the bolt detail - you see the detail I needed to show only required 4 components and being zoomed in fully you wouldn’t be able to see anything else anyways. It was just more time efficient. Re-rendering everything for another 3 hours or create the SU2 file which took not even 10min and took less then a minute to render in LO was a lot more efficient.

Anyways I just don’t see the problem here? Surely if I have inserted two different sketched up files into one LO file it should show both references?

I expect if you learn to use Layers effectively, you would be able to see for yourself that using Hide is not the best way to manage visibility. It’s a little long to go into at the moment but I’d be happy to work with you on it.

Turning off the visibility for entities that aren’t visible in a scene is a good thing, though.

If you are using scenes from two SKP files, you should have two SKP references, of course. And I see why you did that.

I’m surprised that you are seeing rendering times that are so long. Makes me want to see your LO file even more.

Well to be honest most of the files that need reviewing are from one I first started using SU/LO and I was made aware by my CAD manager to make less groups as I was grouping everything - the file we’ve been talking about in this post is one of them. Where as now I don’t use half as much of groups and try to use components where I can as they take less time to render or so I read.

Well the main reason for such long time for renders is my machine. I mean it doesn’t have a dedicated graphics card so it’s just running of an AMD processor like I’ve mentioned above.