Texture resolution different in SketchUp versus layout

I’ve tried everything I read about in other posts to make my good quality textures (showing ok in SketchUp) to appear the same into my layout viewports.
I reset the quality in layout and I played in SketchUp with open gl but no matter what I do is everything pixelated, blurry and totally different then my model.

Share your LayOut file so we can see what you have have.

Use the high resolution option in LayOut for your output. I would recommend the Low setting for your screen viewing.

I tried to upload the file but doesn’t let me. Shows a message that my file has zero bites. Do have an email where I can send it?

I did that and nothing changed.

If the file is over 16mb it won’t upload directly, upload to dropbox or similar and add the link here.

I can’t download a file of almost 1gig, others probably will.

What would be an acceptable file size? I really need help with it so I can delete things and upload again if need to.

Thanks for the warning Box, I won’t clog my system either.

When outputting to PDF files I

  • set output resolution to High
  • uncheck the “Use JPEG compression” box - this might also be a source to your ugly artifacts

With a monster file like that, I wouldn’t even try setting Screen resolution to anything but Low.


Thanks for your kindness and willingness to help.

I think I’m doing everything wrong I would love to find someone who can look into my files and help me to optimise it a do things in the way that things work properly without generating ugly outcomes and unmanageable files. Sorry I’m a bit overwhelmed as I’m recovering from a work accident and I can’t do things how I use to because I lost movement on my arm and even the cognition is difficult to understand things quickly as I use to before.

You downloaded a lot of 3D plants with a lot of details, which make the model very heavy.
Instead of creating light 2D variants of plants/trees (plan, views), to use them in LayOut to create 2D plans, you use those high-poly 3D model of plants/trees that have enlarged your file to 16.5 million edges and of course makes very difficult to work with it. 1GB LayOut file.

Once you have created a library of Low-poly plants (2D and 3D), you will be able to help yourself with a better organization of groups and efficient use of tags to create easy-to-work models and create 2D drawings (LayOut files).

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I’m trying to do just that having a library where in the same drawing have embedded 3D plant, 2D top view, 2d elevation and 2d picture so I could use tags to turn off the 3D elements in layout.
With my new found disability I can’t draw from scratch so I’m downloading plants from the warehouse and creating the 2d elements and embedding it into the component.
The problem is that the 2d elements are textures like png pictures, but when I bring it to layout nothing has good quality that is worthy to present as a professional work.
I’m sorry if sounds confusing. I’m trying to find a way back to some sort of work.

I’m managing to put things together an make a more or less decent skp compositions but when it come to document it my disability doesn’t let me do it easily so I was trying to create a way when I finish the model all the info would be already done and embedded into the model just using tags. I need to create a visual planting schedule with the 2d top and elevation views, name of the plant and picture of it.