Layout crash every time I open

Layout has just started crashes every time I open it.
I think it’s something to do with my scrapbooks. How do I fix this?

Incident Identifier: F194757F-9E1A-4B2F-BAF8-54426AF8A709

LayOut 2020.2 has an issue where if it loads a file that is missing some inserted elements, it will crash.

It could be that you have scrapbook files that have that problem. In Finder, use the Go menu, Go to Folder…, and paste this path in:

~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2020/LayOut/Scrapbooks/

That’s where your scrapbooks are. You could move the files out of there for a moment, see if LayOut opens ok, and then try opening each scrapbook file until one of them crashes LayOut.

If you still have LayOut 2019 installed there is a chance that your scrapbooks are older files, that you could open in 2019. If you can, then go into File, Document Setup, References, and see if any files show as missing. Relink the missing ones, save, and try the file with 2020.2 again.

Thanks Colin that was very helpful and resolved my issue