Scrapbook crashes Layout

Every time I try to open the scrapbook I get the spinning ball and then a crash.
This has happened in several different sessions and after rebooting.
I am on a Macbook Pro with OS Mojave
Appreciate some assistance figuring it out.

I think that your profile is out of date, and that you’re using 2020.2 and not 2018.

Assuming that is the case, look in this folder:

~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2020/LayOut/Scrapbooks

One or more files in there has a problem, where some linked objects are missing. If you still have 2019 installed, try opening each of the files and look in Document Setup, References, and fix anything in the list that show as missing.

Worse case, remove anything that shows as missing, save the file (perhaps as a different in case you are able to do a better job of fixing later), then see if 2020 opens Scrapbooks without crashing.

Move any files that are still suspect out of that folder.

You can get to the folder I mean by using the Finder Go menu, Go to Folder… and paste in the path that I gave.

Thanks, I think that must be what is happening. Took out my own file and Scrapbook opens. Sadly I don’t have an older version of SketchUp to try and rescue it. There was a good deal of useful stuff in there.