Layout crash on opening certain files

When I try and open certain Layout files the program crashes on startup. Most of my files are OK but not all. With the problem files Layout will open but when it tries to load the project file it fails and closes Layout with no error message. The file in question was created in Layout 2020 and I am trying to open it in Layout 2020.

Any ideas?



Yes. Upload it here and see if anyone else can open it.

OK, here you go. Thanks!

Well it crashed my machine too so it must be a corrupted file I think. Not sure whether it is recoverable unless you have any earlier versions that open OK.

Crashed for me too in 2020

Probably doesn’t help you getting the layout file to open but I extracted the main SU model and ran cleanup - there were multiple errors that were fixed with the validity check

Thanks for the help. Yeah the model is a mess, it was doen super quick then modified roughly during a meeting… I’ll try cleaning up the model and see if that helps. I tried opening it in earlier versions but no luck since I created it in 2020. I have a PDF of it anyway so I’ll just recreate it. Thanks again!

There is a known issue in 2020.2, where LayOut fails to cope with files that are missing some of the linked elements. If the document is from 2019, and you still have LayOut 2019 installed, open the file and go into File, Document Setup, References. Relink any items that show as missing. Save, and try opening the file in 2020.2 again.

If the file is a 2020 file the only solution is to revert to 2020.1.1. To do that would mean uninstalling 2020.2, and running the 2020.1.1 installer.

If you don’y have the 2020.1.1 installer, let me know, and I will give you a link to it.

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Hi Colin. Thanks for the solution! Can you send me the 2020.1.1 installer please. I’ve reporoduced the document now but I may well have the same issues with some other projects.

I will send a message to you.

Hi Colin,

I believe I have the same problem?

Can you please send me link to the installer.


Thank you, that worked!!!

Hello Colin,

Same issue for me as well. Can you provide the link to me?


Hello @colin - also having the same issue with all of my files - can you please message me the link to downloading 20.1? I use sketchup full time professionally not being able to open anything at all is an absolute disaster.

Can I have that link too?

Hello Collin
I’m having the same issue can I have the link as well please?

I have the same issue. Can I have the link too?

Hi Colin, I have the same problem. Can I have the link too?

I may have missed a couple of requests, so I made a topic to say more than I was telling people in a private message:

Can I please get the link for 2020.1? This is a major problem for me, I hope that works!
Thank you.