Layout 2020.2 crashing when opening 2019 files

layout is crashing when I try to open up 2019 files

thank you for any help resolving this

Can you share one of your 2019 files? You’ll probably need to upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

When you installed SketchUp/LayOut 2020.2 did you right click on the downloaded installer and choose Run as administrator?

ok great all my files are in dropbox. ill do that now thank you

Are you trying to open the file directly from Drop Box? That’s generally not wise. Download the file to your computer and open it from the local drive. Does that work?

yes all my fiiles on are on dropbox online servers but on my laptop I have a copy of them all on my SSD
I only open from SSD

The one you shared crashes LO for me, too. Maybe @adam could look at it.

i have never had issues with layout for 10 years until now, I am not sure if its something I am doing wrong or my laptop or layout itself thank you for your help. I use Layout daily for work

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It opens in 2019 but not 2020 for me.

hmm wonder why, my current issue is i use alot of my files from 2019 :frowning:

Looks like you may have stumbled on a bug, something in your 2019 files isn’t compatible with 2020.

Crashed for me in 2020.

Opened in 2019.

I deleted all the stuff around the paper, saved it, and it now opens in 2020…

Went back into the 2019 file and deleted only the viewport that had a missing linked model, saved and it opens in 2020.2

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ohhh , ok i will try this solution and update my findings
thank you all for the prompt help!!!

If you look at your the references for the file in LO2019, does it show missing references? Do any of them appear to be pointing at temporary locations?

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Hi Josh,

Thank you for the file. This has exposed an issue in LayOut when a SketchUp model file is missing. It seems to be related to the new tag UI that was added to LayOut for the 2020 version. This is definitely something that we need to look in to and fix in LayOut.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

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thank you adam and all that have replied,

i had the same issue when using layout 2020 some of my 2019 were crashing

I did the suggestion by

“i deleted stuff around the paper, saved it, and it now opens in 2020…”

I did do that to the files that were crashing, I opened them in 2019 and deleted anything around the paper, saved it. and then they worked in 2020

I can not stress enough how happy I am with the level of support here. Thank You all very very much sincerely

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