Glitch in Layout exporting PDF

I have a 24 page Layout document. For the past few months I have been exporting PDFs fine. Suddenly today pages 11-16 in the PDF lack the SU images and have only the notes I added in LO. In LO in the Pages listing, there is a blue hashtag that I’ve never seen before. This project is ready to go out to bid, so I’m desperate here. I tried uploading the LO file, but I get an uploading error message repeatedly.

Propbably because the file is too large to upload here directly. Upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

Are you still using SketchUp/LayOut 2017?

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OK, I’ll send a link. Also, I just noticed that on some pages in LO when I click on the SU image, a b lue box appears around it. On other pages it doesn’t. This happens on some pages that do come out OK in the PDF

link to problem PDF.
link to LO file to follow

link to LO file: Const. Docs..layout - Google Drive

Another weird thing is happening: In the lower right corner of each page I’ve placed a page number: 1-24. Now some are getting rearranged: page 12 for example is suddenly labeled as page 13, or something like that.

Yes, I’m using SU Pro 2017

At least part of the problem is coming from your choice to use Last saved SketchUp view instead of an actual scene. The viewports are being updated to show the last saved view from the SketchUp model. You should be creating scenes in SketchUp that show the model the way you want to see it in the viewport. That gives you a fixed point of reference so when you go back to the SketchUp model to make edits, you don’t have to worry about what the view is when you save the changes.

At this point I think the most straightforward fix would be to go back to the SketchUp models–it appears you have a number of them in this file–and create the scenes you need for the viewports. Then rework the viewports on those pages.

There are some pages on which the viewports are tied to Last save SketchUp view but it looks like you haven’t edited the SketchUp file used there so you’re lucky.

Curiously you did create scenes for viewports onn some pages. The ramp viewports, for example, each have a scene. (I would suggest not modifying the camera position in LayOut since that can create problems similar to using the Last saved SketchUp view for the scene.)

Wow, OK, thanks Dave R! I’m hoping that works!

Be aware that you may very well have to redo labels and dimensions after that. Good luck.

Before you start your next LayOut project make sure you have all of your scenes set up in the SketchUp model(s). Don’t even start adding labels and dimensions in LayOut until the scenes are right.

I would also suggest that you create layers in LayOut for the different kinds of entities you are adding. So a layer or layers for SketchUp viewports, another layer for dimensions, and yet another for label text.

And don’t modify the camera position in the viewports in LayOut. If you need to modify the camera position do it in the scene and update the scene. Then update the model reference in LayOut.

It’s not working. Problem is when I go in LO to say, page 11, and click on the SU image so I can make sure it’s the scene named “Production” and not “last saved view”, I don’t get that blue viewport at all. That’s the case on all the pages that mess up in exporting to PDF–pp.11-16.

That’s because the viewport is already messed up. Try a right to left selection over the edge of the viewport.
FWIW at least in the file you shared there is no scene named “Production” for that SketchUp model.

I just tried that, selecting by dragging from R to L, and got a viewport. I right-clicked and the poip-up indicated it was ‘last saved view’. I selected the ojnlyo ther option in the pop-up, and got a horrible result–a view from another scene in SU altogether, and it was way off to the lower left of my page, with black lines extending down there like evil cobwebs.

Just tried page.11, Production. Dragged R to L. Got what might be a blue outline viewport. Right-clicked. Did not get the liong menu that includes 'Scenes". The SU model that’s from absolutely does include among numerous scenes, one named Production.

Tried again dragging R to L. Found I must have the cursor directly on one of the viewport borders. Right clicked. Got a menu that offer two scenes: last saved and scene 2. That model has no scene named scene 2, but does have several scenes. I think something is terminally messed up with my LO file.

Any idea what that blue asterisk in the LO pages list is?

Yep. The SketchUp file that the viewport on page 11 is linked to only has a scene called Scene 2. And of course since that doesn’t match the Last save SketchUp view, when you choose it the leaders for the labels you added go off in different directions because they are attached to objects in the model. This is why I told you to make sure your scenes are set up correctly in the Sketchup model and to not change the camera position in the viewport in LayOut.

You may have a Sketchup file that has a long list of scenes but it’s not the one that the viewport on page 11 is linked to. There’s only the one scene called Scene 2.

You could go into the References list in Document Setup, select the .skp file and choose Relink. Then navigate to and select the SU file with the list of scenes.

As I indicated before, it’s because of your use of Last saved Sketchup view for the “scene”

Well, again, the SketchUp file that viewport is coming from has only the one scene called Scene 2.

Yes. I agree. You’ve got it seriously messed up because of the way you’ve handled the viewports. Not the most appealing thing but the simplest way to fix it all might be to start over. At least delete the pages with the viewports pointing to Last saved Sketchup view and then purge the References list. Start over by inserting the correct SketchUp file and then sticking to my direction to avoid modifying the camera position in the viewports. That means no double clicking or otherwise opening the viewport to pan, orbit, or zoom. Also leave the Ortho tick box and the Standard View dropdown list alone.

You mean the blue #? That indicates the starting page for auto page numbering.

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Hi Jim,

I have downloaded your LO file.
At the outset, seeing many of the same issues Dave has commented on.
I will look at some more.
It is a process to reconcile as Dave suggests. Take one step at a time and Good Luck.

Best, Lindsey

I found a backup file that will require maybe 1 hour of work to get back to where I was. One thing that puzzles me is that if I have set up pages 11-16 so incorrectly, how was it that I was able over the past few weeks to export numerous perfect PDFs? Then all of a sudden I did the same ting and got very different results.

Lucky I guess.

All I can say from seeing your file is that at some point the SketchUp model files involved with those viewports got changed and since the viewports weren’t tied to actual scenes but just to the view the last time the file was saved.

Using the proper workflow would avoid this sort of thing entirely.