Export to PDF scene looks different to what's in LayOut

About a week ago we started having issues with SketchUp and LayOut, specifically exporting to PDF from layout. When we export a LayOut to PDF the finished scene on the PDF is different to what you see in layout.

Re-linking or refreshing the scene sometimes resolves the issue for that specific scene, but then it ends up breaking a scene on another page.

For example in this image, the ground floor scene for some reason is showing the first floor scene. And a section has been cut through horizontally in what I assume is the same plane that has cut through what’s meant to be my ground floor plan.

Three computers in the work place all have this issue and its not just this job. Multiple project files have this issue now where a scene thats been setup in sketch up, brought into LayOut just decided to change itself once exported/print to PDF.

Very frustrated at the moment as we are going around in circles everytime we make a change in LayOut to produce a new PDF.

There is an oddity with exporting to PDF, where the viewports will update themselves. The viewport on the page is not up to date, but by the time it’s a PDF, it is up to date.

You can see if that is what is happening, by updating the model reference of one of the viewports that ends up looking different in the PDF. If when you do the update, the viewport now looks like it does in the PDF, then you’re seeing the issue I’m referring to.

If that is the issue, see this discussion, to see if using scenes would solve the problem:

Thanks for the reply, but no luck.

If I update the model reference it is the same as my scene in SketchUp.

I just opened up another project file to find the section in LayOut has changed from the scene it is referencing in SketchUp. This is the other issue that has also arisen over the last week or so.

Let’s see if @DaveR has other suggestions.

Maybe. If I could see the LO file.

What would be the best way to upload layout file and sketchup model?

I’m guessing it’s too large to upload directly so upload it to Drop Box and share the link. The SketchUp model is included in LayOut so no need to include the SketchUp model file.

OK. I had a look at the SketchUp file and fixed the incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 5_11_2021 , 6_53_14 PM

I also purged unused stuff from the model.
Screenshot - 5_11_2021 , 6_54_05 PM

It wouldn’t hurt to keep the model closer to the origin although it isn’t that far away. We have seen issues when the model is placed at a great distance from the origin though so I would suggest not letting it get too far away when you are creating new models.

Probably not related but it makes model management more challenging; it appears there a a lot of duplicated styles in the model. This is before purging. Looks like the majority of them were created by PlusSpec. I’m not a fan of the back face color being set to the same as the front. This can be a problem.

After cleaning up the model and updating the reference in the LO file I exported the attached PDF. Does it look like what you would expect?
LayOut Help.pdf (3.6 MB)
Here’s the LO file, too. I wonder if it behaves differently for you now. I’m working on a PC while I think you are on Mac.

There seem to be a lot of disconnected dimensions in the model that won’t reconnect. You should check them to make sure they are correct. If they are, they can be left disconnected. The red boxes won’t show in the export but of course they won’t update if the model gets edited.

Last week I was working with another LO user who was having a similar issue with their model. It turned out to be caused by some very overly detailed components they had collected from the 3D Warehouse. When they removed those components, the problem went away. I suspect they could have kept the components but cleaned them out to reduce their unneeded detail. It may be that you have a similar thing going on in your model. I didn’t dredge through all of the nearly 4500 components in your model to see what could be reduced. It does appear that there are some rather heavy components, though. the heaviest two are shown below.

Potentially related:


So the PDF looks right, its not doing the weird overlapping/masking/section thing. I’ve also opened the LO file from yourself that seems fine at the moment.

We also work on PCs here no Mac users.

Its just strange to me that this issue has only arisen over the past week or two. I’ve been using SketchUp/LO along with PlusSpec for almost 8 months now and the work place using it even longer. Nothing has changed in this last 2 weeks and the issue effected numerous models.

Those 2 components you pointed out aren’t new for the workplace and been used countless times before, so not sure that they would be the culprit. I’ll see how things go throughout the day and will try purge if I see the issue again.

How did you fix the tag issue? I’ve just opened another layout file opened the model purged it and then updated the reference and still no fix.

I agree this is the same problem.
Current work around is to track ALL PROPERTIES for ALL SCENES (eg. Camera Location, Top-level Hidden Geometry, Hidden objects, Visible Tags, Active Section Planes, Style and Fog, Shadow Settings, Axes Location)
I too am a PlusSpec user and this means modifying all those scenes generated by the plugin. Completely unacceptable. I have multiple jobs I am holding off on until this is fixed.
4 months later no information as to when this will be fixed.

Layout 2021 - Viewport Issue - LayOut - SketchUp Community

I ran TIG’s Default Tag Geometry plugin from Sketchucation.

Apologies for missing the OS. I’m glad that the version of the LO file that I uploaded seemed to behave. As for the heaving component, I was only showing what are reported as the heavyweights in your model . It’s good that they generally work for you, though. Still, it’s a good idea to keep your SketchUp files trimmed as tightly as you can to make them efficient and easier to work with.

Hi Dave, I notice you were participating in another thread that I believe is related, though didn’t see any input after the cause was determined. can you have a look at the whole thread for Layout 2021 - Viewport Issue - #38 by adam and compare it to this one

Your advice to Pjs is very good, though I believe misses the main point of what is happening with random sections being turned on during export to PDF, which I believe is a very major layout bug.

Yeah, so this is still cooked.

Working in a LO file at the moment. My LO scene looks the same as the scene in SU. I export from LO to PDF and the PDF page is wrong. I update the model reference in LO and scene changes to how it looks in the PDF wrong. If I relink the model it reverts back to looking correct in LO but will still print top PDF wrong. If it looks wrong in LO I switch between raster/hybrid to reset the scene so it looks right in LO but still export to PDF wrong.

I’ve tried ticking all the scene boxes in SketchUp as that was a recommended solution in another thread this doesn’t work.

Do you know if your distributor has raised any support requests for you? Or, have they looked at your files and come up with some suggestions?

I help in the forum a lot because I like answering SketchUp questions, and have been doing so in the forum for maybe 12 years. I’m not doing it because it’s part of my job, but working at SketchUp does come in handy at times, where I am able to look up information that other people here don’t have access to.

But, in your case I was wondering about making this be more formal. If your distributor has asked us questions already, I can track those down, and find out if there is progress on them. If they haven’t, and you could give them a small example file to ask us about, I can get that to the developers to check out.

Some of that I can still do as an individual, but a couple of my support colleagues are better at LayOut than I am, and are more experienced in creating bug reports about LayOut. There is a better chance they will have seen the problem before, and if not they certainly can confirm the issue, or help to narrow down what exactly is going wrong.

You should still stick with checking for help in the forum, but at least the more formal way would get the issue logged in our system, and would then have the developers looking into what is wrong.

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We have arisen is with our distributor and it has apparently been raised with the US team (We are based in AUS). So far not much more has happened since then.

Thanks, I’ll try to track it down.

Try Printing to PDF instead of exporting.