I'm a student need help exporting layout to pdf

When I export to pdf my section cut messes up my plan view.

It would help if you share the LayOut file so we can see what you’ve got going on.

it gives me an error when I go to upload and it doesnt let me

Probably because it’s too large to upload here. Upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

let me know if that link works

I’ve got two files, each with a single sheet. When I export the PDFs they look as I would expect.

Sheet 2 in LO:

And in Adobe Acrobat:

And Sheet 3 in LO:

And in Adobe Acrobat:

What is it you’re expecting to see?

I do see issues with your SketchUp models. Incorrect tag use (edges and faces should be untagged and groups and components should get tags, not the other way around. For some reason you have all the properties set to not be saved for scenes.
Screenshot - 12_23_2020 , 6_24_11 PM

Lots of unused stuff, too.
Screenshot - 12_23_2020 , 6_31_07 PM

Here are the PDFs.
ARCH400_Serrano_Josue_GardenWithGallery_Sheet2_LayoutFINAL.pdf (224.3 KB)

ARCH400_Serrano_Josue_GardenWithGallery_Sheet3_LayoutFINAL.pdf (215.2 KB)

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wow that helped a lot. thank you! this is what I get as a pdf when I go to export from layout.

test.pdf (593.4 KB)

A little further digging. I see you have two different sections shown in the LayOut file but only one section plane in the SketchUp model.

Your incorrect setup of scenes also creates problems when you update the SketchUp model file.

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I see the difference. I think you have enough stuff wrong between the SketchUp file and its scenes and incorrectly using those scenes in LayOut that it might be easier to start over by correctly creating the scenes in SketchUp and then start a new LayOut file.

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How can I correct the scenes? Without messing up my model?

Your scenes are already messed up in the SketchUp file so there’s really not much to worry about preserving. Turn on the Properties to Save in the Scenes panel (there’s no point in making scenes if you aren’t saving any of those properties, anyway) and set up your scenes again. It looks like you need to set up four different section cuts in your model to make the various section views.

Before you do that, go to Window>Model Info>Statistics and click on Purge Unused. After purging your file the file size was reduced by about 96%. That’ll make it easier to handle.

After you have the required scenes established correctly in the SketchUp file, you should be able to send to LayOut and set up both pages in a single LayOut project.

ok. That helps a lot! I am now understanding a bit better how sketch and layout works together.

Good deal.

By the way, does this look close enough to what you want to show? I had to kind of guess at exactly where the section cuts should be. All of the viewports are at the scale indicated on the sheets and the two sheets are a single LO project file.
ARCH400_Serrano_Josue_GardenWithGallery_Sheets 2and3_LayoutFINAL.pdf (105.3 KB)

Exactly ! Thank You so much!!