Help with SketchUp models in LayOut

I have an issue with LayOut. Its the fact that my SketchUp models keep updating when i try to print or export the LayOut file. I wanted to show a progressive changes thougout my design proces, but since every model uses the same SketchUp file af reference i run into problems.
I have tried to unlink the reference but to no avail. Is there any other way?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You need to be using scenes and tags in SketchUp that shows the model at each stage. Then in LayOut, each viewport uses a different scene.

Here’s an example. I have three viewports in LayOut. Each one uses a different scene from the SketchUp model. For the parts that are moving, there’s a different tag visible for the scene.

In this model I have a couple of dozen scenes and tags because I used this model to create an animation.

Thanks man. That did it. Very helpful :smiley:

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Scenes is a good solution, but for your interest, the idea of having a locked viewport remain locked when exporting or printing (instead of rendering to the latest state of the mode), is logged as a request in our system. I don’t know if or when it may be considered.

What about exploding the view you don’t want changed? I know some features are lost and of course you can’t revive from the model, but apparently your model has moved on anyway. For simplicity you could do this, but keep a copy of the model at each stage in case you have to go back in time and redo something–you’d have to make a fresh viewport.


Would that effectively be the same as if you copied and pasted the geometry from SketchUp? Many here frown on that, because each time you do it you may be bloating the size of the LayOut file. It does work well, and exploding sounds like it would solve the problem too, but it’s a shame if there is a file size consequence.

Exploding a viewport converts the viewport either to a raster image or, if it’s been rendered as Vector, vector line work, or if rendered has Hybrid, vector line work and raster image. It is not the same as copying and pasting from SU to LO. The exploded viewport effectively becomes LO geometry if it’s vector. This would prevent the viewport from updating with changes to the SketchUp model but it’s an entire disconnect and a whole lot of unneeded work to make changes if edits to the model are required. It would be much more work than just setting up the SketchUp model correctly from the beginning.

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Always happy to learn more about LayOut! You’re right about setting up the model correctly being the best thing for most cases, but one interesting use case would be if you wanted to use SketchUp models as images in your LayOut file. You could adjust the viewport to get the appearance you wanted, set it to Raster, Explode, then purge to get rid of the source model.

I don’t know if it’s the same. I recently found out that the pdf printed from an exploded viewport is much smaller, but I notice the textures are lower resolution than the hybrid output. Still usable for most jobs like construction drawings. If you wanted you could explode to print then undo. It’s probably has its uses, but not for all the time. The alternative for OP is to compile the old progress images in another application, so whatever works.

I take it that the original question was saving an image of model progress, and the model itself is no longer at that stage. Probably easier to save a new file each time. Otherwise one would be setting up multiple scenes with different layers to keep this record. I do this anyway, saving superseded files as the project goes on so one can go back to an old design. (Usually “going back” means copying something specific out of the old model, because the rest of the current model has moved forward so much)

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