HELP! Layout changing images when exporting to PDF

I am having trouble exporting my lay out files to a PDF. I have multiple layout pages with 2 different plans on each page. For example a page with a foundation and floor plan, or a page with east and west elevations. I imported the scenes of each plan to a blank document, scaled them, then copied and pasted onto a page im my main file so i could have 2 plans on one page. I then proceeded to annotate the plans. The problem i am having is when I export the documents, one image from the page will turn into the neighboring image. This leaves me with, for example, a roof framing drawing with roof framing anotations, and a second roof framing plan with floor plan anotations. If i close without saving it goes back to how i drew it, but every time i export to pdf or print it does this. PLEASE HELP!

That’s not a good workflow and is likely the cause of your problems.

The intended work flow would be to create scenes in your model for the different views you want in the document. Then send it to LayOut. From there you can set up the first viewports as needed, copy it to a different place on the page if you want more than one view per page or copy the viewport to another page. In the Sketchup Model panel, select the appropriate scene for the view. Make sure you don’t create modified scenes in LayOut because that can create problems for you, too.

Can you share the LO file?

Dave thanks for the reply. I tried to drop the LO file here but it said it was too big. So i had several different scenes in my sketch up. 1 for each plan (floor plan, floor framing, roof framing, etc.) Can i some how send 2 scences at once to LO? Or do i just copy and past 2 scenes togeather in SU to create one scene and send that to LO? Then move the 2 plans around in LO. I was able to get it solved this time by sending the scenes to a new layout file( vs the multipage LO file i was using). I then just regrouped them into a multipage pdf outside of layout. this worked perfectly for the roof framing and floor plan page, but when i did it with the floor framing and foundation page some of the floor framing was showing, but i went with it. I also had a few scenes change between SU and layout. For example my foundation scene is the same as the floor framing with a few layers turned off. How is it possible for this foundation scene to be sent to LO with the floor framing layers on? Thanks a bunch!

You could upload the file to Drop Box and share the link.

No. But once you have the initial viewport inserted in the LO document, you can copy it within the document to create additional viewports and then change those viewports to show the other scenes.

Your profile indicates you are still using SketchUp/LayOut 2019. If you upgrade to 2020 you can use a single scene for your foundation and floor plan views and control tag visibility per viewport in LayOut.