Exporting multiple images to one sheet

Hey guys, I’m trying to “export” or “send to Layout” several elevation to a single Layout sheet and the program wants to send them each to a new sheet. The only way I’ve found so far is to cut and paste and then I can’t dimension them. any help for this?

Are these all in the same SketchUp file or in separate SketchUp files?

If in the same SU file, make copies of the first viewport and select the different scenes.

If they are from different SU files, use File>Insert and select the SU file. Repeat for each file and elevation.

I’m still learning so I appreciate your help. They are all in the same SU file. When I select FILE>IMPORT I can choose any file I have saved the images in but I can’t import directly form SU. I think I need to import from SU directly because if I don’t I can’t dimension properly.

Then copy the first viewport and in the the SketchUp Model inspector window in LayOut, select the appropriate scene from the dropdown list.

There is no FILE>IMPORT in LayOut. Look at the File menu in LayOut. Pick Insert. You’ll be able to choose your SU file. But it isn’t needed in this case.
If you are using the SU scenes as your viewports in LO, you will be able to add dimensions without any problem.

Thank you, your awesome.