Saving multiple Images from scenes

Once I build a house model I’ll setup a dozen or so scenes to generate client images from. Right now I export each scene as an images “2D Graphic” one at a time. Is there any way to export them all at one time?

You can export images using the Animation export option. If you disbale scene transitions you will get an image for each scene. Alternatively you could send your file to LayOut and set up the scenes as viewports on pages. Then export a PDF or a set of images from the LayOut project. Using LayOut you could have more than one scene shown on a page and add text if needed. Client might appreciate receiving a PDF file instead of a bunch of image files.

Got it, that clears up export images set as well, I was missing that, I kept getting to many images. I just started using layout slowly getting the hang of it. I do a lot of importing images into my CAD program but sometimes I need to get something out fast, Animation export option is perfect,
Thanks again.

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You might also look into the SketchUp extension Create Layout File. Which creates a Layout file with the dimensions of your choice, and populates it with one page for every scene in your Sketchup File. No need to change any animation settings and it’s very easy to annotate on top or just export from there as a tidy PDF booklet.

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Very nice, Just tried it. love the fact I can get a PDF booklet that fast. Both solution are just what I was looking for. Thanks guys