Sketchup for Web - batch exporting scenes

I’ve looked at the ‘download png’ function, and ‘print’ however I don’t seem to be able to establish whether I can batch export all my scenes at once whether printing to PDF, or downloading as PNG.

Am I missing anything or is the restricted functionality mean I need to do this one scene at a time?

many thanks

There’s no batch download option at least currently in SketchUp for Web.You would need SketchUp Pro to be able to batch export images. LayOut would be best for exporting multiple page PDFs.

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Thanks @DaveR
Will have to persevere with one at a time for now.

Cheers for the prompt response, you’ve been off and on helping me with Sketchup for the best part of 10 years!

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On the desktop version we have the option of turning off scene transitions, setting delay to 0 and exporting an animation as PNG files. I don’t know if the web version has this option.

That’s what I was referring to in my post but didn’t go into detail.

No. It doesn’t have that option.