Print scenes on a Mac

I am using Sketchup 2018 on a Mac OS 10.15.3 and need to print out scenes ( to PDF) but the option to print scenes is nowhere to be found. On the pc versions its easy to do as the radio check button is there when you go to print but where is is on the Mac version?

Any help would be much appreciated



File>Export>2D is usually the place to look. You could also send your file to LayOut, set up the scenes as viewports on pages and export a multi-page PDF if that’s needed.

Hi Dave,
Thanks for the reply, there is nothing in File>Export>2D that shows options to print scenes.
As a note we also have a prblem with Layout as when we do it that way all the text labels come out looking blocky / garbage and unreadable, was just looking for a way to print scenes direct from within sketchup itself without using layout.


In SketchUp it would be printing the current scene only.

Are you referring to text in the SketchUp file? Are you rendering the viewports in LayOut as Vector or Hybrid so that text becomes vector entities instead of raster? Can you share a LayOut file that exhibits this problem?

If you just want something simple, why not use Cmd-Shift 4?

screen grabs are raster pdf is vector…


I don’t see the option either. This discussion shows a way to get a set of images of your scenes:

It would work for PNG as well. You can then open the images in Preview and do a print, open in Preview, to then have a PDF with all of the images in it.

Note that you would have lost vectors, because export animation doesn’t have PDF as an option.