Printing from SU Pro 2019 to Layout

I want to print my drawings to use in the workshop so as I can see measurements etc. Please advise, a struggling user…A simple example attachedchinese lamp 1.skp (68.7 KB)

If you’re going to use LayOut, which is a good idea, Create a scene in SketchUp showing the model the way you want to see it. Then save the file, click File>Send to LayOut, choose the desired paper size and position the view port on the page as desired. You can drag the edges of the viewport as needed to adjust the size on the page.

Then in LayOut, File>Export to PDF. Once the PDF opens, you can print that.

Or you can print directly from LayOut although I prefer to make the PDF first.

You can do a whole lot more if you need to like creating full size patterns or other views.

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Hi Dave ,
Thanks for the prompt reply. When you say make a scene, what do you mean?

In SketchUp, set up the view the way you want it and add a scene by clicking on the + in the circle at the top of the Scenes panel. You can give it a name in the lower part of the panel. Here I called it “3/4 view”.

I have done as suggested and printed a copy that I can read, If I wish to enlarge the drawing what to do next

First, when you create the scene, make sure you’ve zoomed in on the model. Click on Zoom Extents now and then right click on the scene tab and choose Update. Save the change and then in LayOut, right click on the viewport and choose Update Reference. You can also change the size of the model on the page by dragging the corners of the viewport.

Dave ,

Thanks again for the help, it worked just fine, easy when you know how! I’m an old stagier that is trying to get involved in the 21 century with this program.
I’m just in ore of what some people on this Forum can do.

Kind regards,

Glad that helped.

Just keep mining the forum for the little things that help you grow.

Just an add on to the original question, how do I convert the drawing to PDF?

Thanks in advance.


In what you posted yesterday, it shows the drawing Lamp.PDF. Adobe Reader. That’s not happening for me?

Do you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer? If not, install it.

I sent the drawing File. Export. PDF.

OK, I have installed the program whats next?

Open it and look for the PDF file you exported from LayOut. Or go back to LayOut and export again. If the box for Show Export in PDF Viewer is ticked, Reader should open and you should see the PDF file.

Ok Dave,
Everything is working now. thanks again.


Good deal.

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