Printing scenes - only ever prints current scene

I’m trying to make some basic prints to a pdf file but no matter what I’ve tried I only ever get 1 scene printed at a time and it’s always the current scene.

In the print preview dialog box I tick the “Scenes” option and enter “1 to 5” for the 5 scene tabs. But I only get the current scene printed.
I’ve tried to print one specific scene by entering “3 to 3” but still only get the current scene, never the scene I specify.

This make me think I’m doing something wrong with how I’m specifying the scenes to print but I can’t figure out what.

I’m using Sketchup 2017 on Win10.

Probably a daft question, but have you updated each scene (so that when you return to it it shows what you expect)?

Each scene shows exactly what I want to see, e.g. front perspective, front parallel with dimensions, side with drawer closed, side with drawer open etc. side with dimensions, side without dimensions.

I can print each scene individually but I have to go to that scene run the print and create a pdf. For this small job it takes 5 prints to do that which isn’t too bad, but now I have 5 separate pdfs instead of 5 pages in one pdf. I certainly wouldn’t want to do that for a large project.

I see you are using SU Make on a PC whereas I use Pro on a Mac. If I try printing from SU, I get a much simpler dialog box that doesn’t include any options for printing scenes. It just prints whatever is currently showing. So you might want to narrow this post down to Make users on PCs.

I think several PDF readers and writers allow you to amalgamate separate pages into a single document, so that might be of interest as a workaround.

As I have Pro and access to Layout, I normally print from there and then I have all the flexibility you are looking for.

Thanks. How do I narrow down the audience?

What other options do you have on the dropdown of the below image? This is in the FILE>PRINT SETUP dialog. There might be a way around it.


The list …

That proved to be quite interesting. If I select a real printer then the print preview dialog is pre-populated with the number range of the scenes and selecting the scenes option actually generates a multi page print of all the scenes. Choosing a part scene range also works.

So it looks like it’s actually an issue with the pdf print driver.

(It looks like you’ve found out, but I’ll add my reply anyway)

For whatever reason, when you have Microsoft Print to PDF selected in Print Setup…


Neither the Current View or Scenes boxes are checked in Print Preview, and Checking and modifying scenes has no impact on the output. As you found out…

Try this. Go back to Print Setup and select the OneNote option from the dropdown, click ok.


Now go back to Print Preview and you will see The Current View checked and Scene no. avaialble…

From the dropdown choose Microsoft Print to PDF and you still have the options available. The scenes are printed to PDF as per the selection.

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Nice. Thank you for that last step.

What audience do you mean? In the forum? This is a public forum, you may read the guidelines here:

Simon said

That’s the audience I was trying to narrow down to. I assumed there was some way to flag the post for that specific audience.

As it happens Ian T has given me a workaround that is OK for now. Looks like it’s an issue with the PDF print driver.

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You can do that with tags at the top of thread. I will add some!

I will just add that even though the OP is using 2017 Make, my experience is the same problem with Pro 2020. So the issue doesn’t look specific to a version of SketchUp, more likely Windows 10 PDF drivers.

To test out whether it was Sketchup of the Microsoft print driver I installed cutepdf and that works properly, no workaround required. Looks like it’s either an issue with the Microsoft driver (or the way Sketchup interfaces with it).