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I have finished a workbench sketch and blown it up into individual and separate components but would like to print the sketch of each component separately. i see a lot of export advise, but is there a way to print just one component of the project at a time?

Since you are using SketchUp 2017 Make, the process would be to create a scene showing just the component you’re interested in seeing and then print that scene. Rinse and repeat for each of the other components.

it almost worked!
the image it wants to print is like 1/2 cm square at the bottom left of the page.

Did you create a scene that shows only that component and zoom in on it to make it fill the model window?

Share the .skp file so I can see exactly how you have it set up.

it’s all i can see in the screen. still new at scenes so i am probably missing something
Work Bench parts.skp (248.7 KB)

currently trying to print the part that is labeled Router Box rt side

WOOHOO found the ‘print scene’ option in my printer settings, but now the image does not print the dimensions well, very washed out and faded.

When I opened your file and clicked on the Scene 1 tab I saw this.

Your geometry is far from filling the model window. I changed the camera position, zoomed in, and also set it to Parallel Projection so it looks like this.

Print Preview now shows this:

By making the model window a little narrower, closer to the aspect ratio of the paper, the geometry will fill the paper even better.

By the way, your model is very strangely constructed. This will make it more difficult to work with for setting up the scenes of the various parts. You have 3 bottom level components and the rest is loose geometry.

If each part that you need to make in the shop was a component on its own (and logically named) you could use a CutList extension to generate a list of the parts you need to make with their dimensions. That would save you a bunch of work, paper, and ink.

If you are really going to print out every part you should correct the reversed faces. That’ll reduce the amount of printer ink you go through. There should be no exposed blue back faces in your model.

Out of curiosity, what are you dimensioning at 21 in.? There doesn’t seem to be a feature on the part.

the 21’ measure has lost it’s lines, it is the vert dimension of the bottom cabinet.
managed to get the dimension lines to print using the High Accuracy HLR setting, but now it’s printing labels for other parts as well.

i have been trying to change the bottom level components to match the rest, but have not figured out how they became bottom level or how to change them back

It’s hard to tell exactly but it looks like you probably exploded a bunch of components. Each part you’ll make in the shop should be a bottom level component. There;'s really no need for the nesting you have. The nesting just makes your model more complicated to work with.

Think i have it working ok now!
I’m just starting out and appreciate all the help you’ve given.
i laid them all out this way to determine how much plywood i will need to make the cabinets and bench. i hope i can figure out how to better make the designs so i can move parts and not have to re-edit them each time when bits get left behind.
for now you’ve helped oodles and i really appreciate it!

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If you make proper components for each part you could get a useful cutlist and even a layout of the parts if you need. Here’s an example from an ancient model I did.

Here’s the cutlist for just the plywood parts.
Screenshot - 7_22_2023 , 11_43_12 AM

And an example of the cutting layout.

Excellent, thanks.

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