Print the component list

Hi all,
I’ve created my project on sketchup and now I would to print the list of the used components…

I’ve to explode all and make it manually or there is a function to print all used components?

Window menu>Model Info>Statistics, tick the show components box. The contents of the result window can be copied and pasted into Excel or a word processor and printed.

What kind of project? What information do you need? You can use the Gerate Report feature in the File menu or maybe a cutlist extension would do what you need.

I am Italian and it is a bit difficult for me to write in English but I’ll try…

The project is for a woodwork (a chest of drawers and a desk),
Generate Report helped me so TY very much.

But I wold to print the component graphic too…


Suppose to have:

3 istances of Comp01
1 istance of Comp02
1 istance of Comp03

I would to print the components graphic with the sizes and number of istances.

3x [and the COMP01 graphic with sizes]
1x [and the COMP02 graphic with size]
1x [and the COMP03 graphic with size]

I’ve to build it manually? TY again

There are several cut list extensions that you could use. They will generate images showing the layouts of the parts. I like CutList 4.1 but there’s also OpenCutlist both in the Extension Warehouse. They will give you a cutlist and show the parts layout. Here’s a quick example. This piece is to be made from solid wood so the layout shows the pieces coming out of planks. I’ll guess you are using MDF or similar. If the model is set up correctly the cutlist layout will show the pieces as being cut out of a large sheet.

Of course there’s more to the layout than shown here.

I am using spruce wood planks which I need to cut to size.
I did not understand the image of the cut that you sent me but I’m downloading the extension so I try to use it live and maybe I understand better!
Thanks again!

Ok, now I’ve tried it I understood!
They are plugins for tracking cuts (really very useful) but that’s not what I’m looking for.
I would like to create a “stamp” of the component graphics, its name, size and number of parts.
As in an assembly instruction manual.
I’ll give you an example image, something like this:

So you want to create a plan for your project with dimensioned views of the parts. That’s a good application of LayOut which you have as part of the SketchUp Pro package. Here’s an example of a recent project I did. The model was created in SketchUp all the text and dimensions are done in LayOut except for the materials list which was generated using the CutList extension and inserted as a spreadsheet.

For the 2D views of the parts I placed copies of the components a little away from the rest of the model and created a scene with the Camera set to Parallel Projection. Then used that scene for the viewports in the LayOut project.


Wooow! That’s exately what I’m looking for!
I tried LayOut but couldn’t figure out how to get such a thing

You might start with the free tutorials at