Getting component dimension list

Just got Sketchup Shop for woodworking projects. Is there a way to generate a cut list or just a list of components with dimensions so that I can cut the wood properly?

There are a few different cutlist extensions but you would need a desktop client version of SketchUp to use them. SketchUp Shop doesn’t have any options for that, at least currently.

Are you doing this commercially or as a hobby?

Thanks for the response. I am doing this as a hobby. I suppose I could dimension each component and then add text that lists the dimensions for each component and the quantity. I am not sure it is worth the price to move to Pro for my use case.

As a hobbyist you could be using SketchUp 2017 Make which would give you the ability to use extensions including the various cutlist extensions. SketchUp Shop will give you CAD import and export options and the solid Tools.

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Thanks, I will look at that