Assistance with cutlist components

Before posting this question, I have spent countless hours watching YouTube tutorials, reading forums and pulling my hair out. However, I have broken down and need help, please.

I am unable to get the components figured out on the cutlist extension. I made a practice drawing. I followed everything…set the 3 dimensions, click G for making it a component, etc. However, I’m missing something and cannot get the part list. I went through and created new material (1/2" plywood). I deleted the other pieces and I’m probably missing something obvious. I would love any help you can provide. Thank you:)

I have used the Sketchup 2017 version and even tried the Pro Version, but I’m missing something. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Practice.skp (269.3 KB)

In your file your components have no thickness so there really wouldn’t be anything for the cutlist to report at least correctly.

Faces in SketchUp have no thickness. If you want these components to represent plywood panels as you have named them, you need to give them thickness like plywood has.

Here I’ve given the panels thickness and adjusted the sizes so they fit together to create a box. I don’t care for Open Cutlist and use a different one. This is tthe result of generating a cutlist with the revised file.

Try it yourself and see what you get.
Practice revised.skp (18.0 KB)

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Hi Dave, Thanks for the reply. When making the dimensions, I created them using 3 dimensions. So if it was 33" x 4’ x 1/2" then I thought the 1/2" was indicating the thickness. So, you have to use the push/pull to get the thickness and the shortcut typing in the 3rd dimension isn’t working?

What cutlist do you use? I’m open to changing.

Were you using the Rectangle Tool? If so, it only accepts two dimensions. Use Push/Pull to create the third.

It isn’t that it isn’t working. There is no shortcut to do that in SketchUp. I wonder where you got the idea there is. I can think of a couple of extensions that will create a “board” but I’ve always found them to create more work than they save.

I use an old extension from the Extension warehouse called simply CutList. I find it easier to use and less fussy to set up. It does everything I need and more.

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Thanks so much! I used the Rectangle Tool and entered the 3rd dimension since that is what it showed when done, or so I thought. Appreciate the help. I knew it had to be something simple and before I invested more time making drawings I would use, I wanted to get the kinks out.

A Rectangle is a 2D thing so only the first two dimension “take”.

Might be useful to go through the instructional materials at If you want something that is woodworking specific I can send you some suggestions. I mainly use Sketchup for modeling woodworking projects.

Thanks! This is to assist my husband with his woodworking business.

Good deal. So you are using SketchUp Pro 2021? Please update your profile.