Very newbie question

I’ve picked up a copy of 2017 to have a play and see if I want to make a purchase.

I’ll be honest here and say that I’ve really struggled with the interface.

However… I’ve managed to create a simple cabinet with doors for my home woodworking.

I expected to be able to produce a materials listing detailing each part with sizes, thickness etc. As far as I’ve read that doesn’t seem to be possible.

I downloaded the Cutlist extension but that’s telling me that I’ve designed it in the wrong way.

So… as a final throw of the dice I thought that I could highlight each item and get the dimensions from that… but I can’t see where the dimensions are stored or how to access them.

Help !

Thanks in advance.


Share the SketchUp file with us. That’ll make it easier to see what you’ve done and what you need to do differently.

For the cutlist to yield useful information for your door model, each part of the door needs to be a component or group. I would use components. The bottom and top rails would be copies of the same component as would the two stiles. The panel would be yet another component.

You might spend some time looking at and going through the tutorials, too.

Here’s a thing I did a few years ago about using CutList 4.1 to create a cutlist from your model.

Thank you Dave - I’ve watched a fair few tutorials.

How do I share the file ?

Drag and drop the .skp file into a reply.

Test box 3.skp (234.2 KB)

Its terribly basic and no doubt full of mistakes… !

Hi Jeremy as a fairly new to SU user and am now beginning to produce reasonable results, I have a few words of advice for you;
1 Don’t just jump in and expect it to work like other programs.
2. Get some help by following along with the SU tutorials at
3. Practice with very basic shapes and build up the skills by repetition
4. Follow along with Aaron’s demos in the Square One and Skill Builder - he releases at least one per week - the best of them can be found here -

All the best.

PS and of course follow the advice of the Gurus/sages here - as you can see DaveR got back to you whilst I was replying to you.

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So you have some components and some loose geometry. The loose geometry won’t get reported in the SketchUp file.

There’s also some blue back faces exposed which you shouldn’t have. Only white front faces should be out.

Which Cutlist extension are you using? CutList 4.1 works fine to report the components you have in the model. You can see some of them have tildes which indicate approximate dimensions.
Screenshot - 2_2_2022 , 8_27_19 AM

That’s something you’ll probably want to deal with.

Thanks Dave.
I have the file that’s called Ladb_Opencutlist-3.0.1.rbz

OK. Not my favorite extension. It requires more setup than the one I use.

… but that you’ve just posted is exactly what I’m after.

As an aside, two questions if I may ?

Firstly… what are Blue back face / white front faces ?

Secondly… Im not sure why or how I have approx dimensions… is that because I used the Push/pull instead of entering the dims ?

Using a different CutList extension.

SketchUp is not a solid modeler. As such faces have insides and outsides. By default the inside faces are blue and the outside faces are white. When you have a 3D object it should only have white front faces showing. The blue back faces should be on the inside of the object.

This. No matter what tool you use, if you just try to hit the number by moving the cursor, it’s unlikely you’ll be right on. You should be typing in exact dimensions or using existing, correctly located components or guidelines as references if you aren’t typing the dimensions.

Very helpful - thank you.

I’ve downloaded the CutList 4 extension but I think I have some work to do as its telling me I have no components.

Thank you for your time and advice.


It’s probably telling you that you have no components selected and asking if you want to run the cutlist on the entire model.

It is…

I’ll get there, albeit slowly.

Thank you.

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