Deleting groups

I have a woodworking project I am making for a friend. it consist of basically a box with doors in front. I have made my doors making everything into door components, then I have taken all of those components and made a group. My problem is I am trying to export these parts to a optimization program called Cutlist Plus fx. when I do this it works except it will not export any of the components in the door, it just exports the whole door has 1 part. What am I doing wrong?

Maybe try to import the door ungrouped.

What happens if you use the CutList extension? Does it show the compoents or just the door? CutList will display the lowest level or innermost components in the model. If it only shows the doors and no door parts, it would suggest that you exploded the rails, stiles and panel inside the group.

Sharing the model would be a big help. You can share it via private message if you don’t want everyone to see it.

I thought I made everything components then made those components into a group. Maybe I was not supposed to do this?

The outliner view in your image looks like CutList should have worked ok. Could you upload the skp file so we can examine it?

How about uploading the SKP file?

Sorry, I hope this is what you need

I don’t see anything.

To upload a skp file (max 3MB size), click the reply button and then at the top of the reply edit window click the little icon that looks like a bar with an upward arrow. It will prompt you to select a file to upload. Then wait until the upload completes before clicking the reply button again.