Grouping problems for Newbie

I am new to Pro. Used Go on my iPad in the past. Didn’t have much luck. Now I’m getting serious. I have drawn a cabinet with doors of equal size. I made the first door and copied it. I put it in place and now I’m trying to make another copy and insert it. I am winding up with doors all over the place, I have triple clicked the door as a group and exploded it, but all doors still move at once. What am I doing wrong?

It would be easier for use to help you if you’d share the .skp file.

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I know this sounds silly, but I can’t seem to figure out how to share the file.

If the file is less than 16 Mb just drag and drop into a reply. Otherwise upload it to DropBox or We Transfer and share the link.

OK, Thanks. This is the file.
Messed up doors.skp (158.8 KB)

OK. So to your question, you have the six “doors” in a group but they divided into two instances of the same component. Whatever you do to edit one instance will carry through to the other instance.

The doors themselves should each be a component and there’s no need for nesting them in components or groups. As it is, the doors are just clusters of loose geometry in the “Door 1” component.

You do have a fair amount of weird nesting of objects and what seems like a random choice of whether you make groups or components.

Your doors look like they are to be stamped from sheet metal like a cookie sheet. Is that what you want?

Have you gone through the tutorials at

I was getting frustrated. I should have sent you a better file. I’ve made some progress this morning and yes, embassingly, I’ve been through the tutorials. I used Sketchup Go for a year in 2022 but gave up. Now I’m older and (I hope wiser) so I’m back at it. This is where I am now and I’m feeling a little better about it.
Corner Upper Cabinet 2.skp (180.7 KB)

I am in a one-week demo of Sketchup Pro. If I can make some progress, I’ll subscribe again. I can’t seem to import anything from the warehouse. I’m looking for a window, but the 3D Warehouse only shows Share Component (grey and not selectable) and Share Model (selectable). Is this because I’m demo-ing? Or have I got something else messed up?

It’s different but you still have a bunch of the same issues.

Each door should be a component. There should be four instances of two different component definitions. And you still have excessive nesting.

No. You’re just looking in the wrong place. Use 3D Warehouse in the Window menu not in the File menu.

OK, I saw that in a tutorial, but couldn’t find the tray. This is screenshot of my workspace. What tray are you using?

It looks like you have the tendency to copy the door inside its own component.

You need to exit the context of a door component that contains only one door.

Then you can move and rotate copies of this component.

I’m just using the Default tray but I added Outliner from Window>Default Tray.

Check your PMs.

I’m sorry, I cannot find how to display the groups on the right of your screen. My screen looks nothing like yours. What am I missing? Thank you so much for this help. I get caught up in little things that I can’t find in the tutorials.

Thanks, I’m going back and re-watching the tutorials. I missed a lot the first time through.

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The basic tutorial linked here is a follow along interactive one. It might feel frustrating to put your project on pause and really focus on the tutorial, but actually grasping a few of the fundamental concepts of SketchUp will save you so much headache that you will make up the time spend easily when you return to focus on your own project. It’s so worth it.