Putting compontents in groups

I am starting to get the hang of using the Outliner. However, I haven’t found a good way to put components into groups. In this drawing, I have the door rail components in a door rail group and the face frame components in a face frame group, but I can’t seem to repeat that for the carcass. I’d like to have the shelves and the walls in their own group. Can someone set me straight?
Right Cabinet (7).skp (229.4 KB)

Why are you grouping all the rails together and then all the stiles. Seems to me if your going to create nested objects, it makes more sense to nest the components for a single door so that door can be manipulated as a single object.

As for the sides of the case, your component is for both sides at once.

Inside that component you have two lumps of loose geometry, not a component for each case side. I expect you made a component for the first case side and then opened it for editing, selected all of the geometry and copied/flipped it to make the opposite side.

What you should have done is select the first case side and Copy/Flip it to make the second case side component.

Be careful about nesting. It often creates more work without any real benefit.

I think that’s where I’m headed. I have had a bit of trouble copying, flipping and then creating individual components. I’d like to make a group for each door and put the components into the group.

For instance. I am trying to select the left lower door style. Then I want to add the other style and the rails and make it a group. I’m getting nowhere. I can see that I have the Door Rails all in a group. I also have the Face Frame in a group with all of the individual components in it. The door styles however seem to be a component with the individual components in the subset. I’m really lost as to how this happened. And I cannot find a tutorial that explains it.

When I select one of the walls, they both highlight. I triple click and try to make one of them unique but the option isn’t there, so I try to explode the selection but the “Make Unique” is not there and the “Explode” is greyed out.

I know this is a lot, but I bought the software now, so I pounding at it every day.

It sounds like you’ve got some things confused. Check your PMs.

I’m really confused. What’s a PM?

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