I'm Having Trouble with OpenCutList

I hit a snag with opencutlist, when I to generate parts list, one section of my piece does’t come out right. It says “cross section unidentified” but all other pieces are correct when i generate. I was hoping someone could help me figure it out. I’ll upload my project and i hid everything else to show the part I’m struggling with. Thanks in advance.

Terrace Raised Garden.skp (462.8 KB)

Which one isn’t showing up? The one on the end that is just loose geometry?

Or the one that is not a solid group?

Thanks for the reply! Both of those are showing up with CutList but only when I join all of those into one component but when I do join them Cutlist seems to see them as one big rectangle instead of trying to cut out each individual board.

What happens if you make the end one a group instead like the others are of leaving it as loose geometry and then in the non-solid one, delete the stray edge?

I just tried doing that and it didn’t seem to matter

Maybe @boris.beaulant will pop in.

I might’ve figured it out. When i was copy, pasting, and moving i must’ve extended one board a tiny bit so that the dimensions were wrong on the rest and messing up cutlist. I’ll get back on here and update if it worked or not.

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As I can see, all your parts are subgroups of a component. OpenCutList does not consider groups as parts. So it considers the whole component as a part and it measures 58 7/16 x 11 9/16.

→ You need to convert each parts to components.

But be careful that dimensional material are grouped by full section. So this will produce this kind of result :

:bulb: Loose edges is not necessary a problem because OpenCutList compute part size by measuring only faces bounding box.

You were right about the boards, they did need to be individual components and I also needed to change their dimensions to match the dimensions in cutlist. Thank you for your help and advise!