Cutlist shows odd material thickness when generating parts list

Newbie question,

I’m designing a cabinet. All the parts at this time are either 1/2" or 1/4 thick. plywood.

When I generate a parts list in cut list it persists in making one of the components 9/16" thick instead of the 1/2 inch it is defined in Sketchup.

I’m sure its pilot error but I can’t figure out why?


attached my sketchup file.

Cutlist 6.2.0
Sketchup 24.0.533 64 bit

dr side cab 1.skp (180.3 KB)

The part that shows as 9/16 in. thick is modeled off axis. If you select it and zoom in your can see that the geometry is skewed in the bounding box.You’ve drawn the part slightly off axis.

FWIW, I also note you have Display Precision set rather coarse for a project of this nature and you have Length Snapping enabled.
Screenshot - 6_30_2024 , 6_50_27 PM
I would recommend setting the Display Precision as high as it goes for the units and turning off Length Snapping as having it on can lead to errors.
Screenshot - 6_30_2024 , 6_50_44 PM

FWIW, I copied the top rail component from the middle over to replace the white one. Notice that the end panel and the rail do not align properly. This is the cause of the off-axis geometry in the white component.

Seems like the end panel ought to line up at the front, too. The other panels do, anyway.

You might want to check out the overall length of the piece.

Thanks DaveR.

I made all the changes you suggested. The end panel was misaligned. I moved it back 1/16 and the panel was skewed and refused to show as 1/2 thick is now happy!

I did have an odd thing happen. I had to resize the cutout for the kick board when I moved the panel and as you saw it was to high which created a gap.

I hid the kick boards to make it easier to resize the cutout and now they won’t unhide?

I tried Edit, Unhide, All to no avail. I can see them in the component list. If I select View, Hidden Geometry and View, Hidden Objects I can see the wire frame?

Sorry for the newbie problems.

thanks again for catching my mistakenly placed panel.

I attached the modified sketchup file.

dr side cab 1.skp (180.3 KB)

I replied to soon!

I tried selecting the hidden component and then used Edit-Unhide-selected and all is well! Not sure why All didn’t work.


Not sure either. They were visible in the file you shared.

FWIW, I would leave them visible to use as a reference for resizing the cutout.