Multiple thickness problem for cut list and cutting diagram -- woodworking, cabinet design


New user here, and need some time sensitive help. I’m a woodworker and prepared a few 3D cabinet models, and want to get a cutlist with cutting diagrams. All components are set to be plywood, 19 mm thick, but somehow, despite me being careful and whatnot, when I get the cutlist, I see two different thicknesses, one 19 mm, and the other very minimally thicker.

I literally copy-pasted every component from the same original to avoid such issues when generating individual components, but probably because I turned some of them around, or who knows for what other reason, some of the components got “thicker” along the way. Even if I undertake the enormous task of individually re-thicknessing components, I doubt I can avoid repeating the same problem, pushing, pulling, scaling, etc. manually.

Q1: Can I magically make all components have the same thickness? I doubt it but worth the ask.

Q2: Can I find a cut list plug-in that could ignore thickness and just put every component into the same cutting diagram based on length x width?

Q3: Any other suggestions, and/or how to avoid this really, really annoying problem in the future?

Thanks, your help is much appreciated.


No. You would need to handle each one that is out.

Maybe by using coarser Display Precision. Which cutlist extension are you using? Keep in mind the errors might have an impact resulting in errors elsewhere in your model. Before you just whitewash over them, make sure you won’t create more problems for yourself.

I’m guessing you have Length snapping enabled. Disable it and make sure you are entering precise dimensions when you are modeling. Stay on top of the dimensions as you go and don’t leave these little problems to accumulate. An incorrect dimension in one part can result in incorrect dimension on other parts.