Open Cut list Extension

Open Cut list extension continues to give the following error when I attempt to create a materials list.

“No instance of a visible component was detected in your scene.”

I have made the object a component , Assigned a wood type to the component and configure the wood type to a sheets good.

It will be easier to help you if you can upload your .skp model file here.

Thanks… Here is my model

Cabinet 12.28.20.skp (162 KB)

There are no components in your model.

Your model has a bunch of problems. As Box indicates there are no components in your model. There are groups. In addition, the shelves at the back and the case sides are each a bunch of loose geometry in a common group container. They need to be separate. And your drawer fronts are just loose geometry.

I use a different cut list extension. Here’s how your model reports using it. The huge dimensions for some of the groups are due to the fact that you opened the group for editing and copied the geometry to make the other parts instead of simply copying the groups.

I redrew your model correctly using components. (I did remove the materials for appearance sake.) Here’s how my version of your model reports with components that are modeled correctly and have useful names.

Cabinet 12.28.20 with components.skp (28.1 KB)

Thank you so much for your help!