Two sets of components are not treated the same in Opencutlis

I have repeated this simple model to garner the subtleties of Sketchup Pro and opencutlist. I have two different sets of components “Side 1x2” and “Cross Brace”. I cannot get opencutlist to see the two “cross brace” in the model. What’s up?

Second question. If I make the two sets of components of the same material (wood - same dimensions 1.5 x .5 in sketchup measurements) I get a “thickness error” on the second component added (Cross Brace. These two sets of components are oriented perpendicularly… is this the problem?

I don’t see an “attach” icon to upload the model. Help

Screenshot - 7_5_2022 , 1_09_15 PM

Testing short dresser 01.skp (245.0 KB)

Testing short dresser 02.skp (245.0 KB)
Screen I was working from in request for advice.

Open Cutlist Screen Shot for Test short Dresser .02.pdf (149.7 KB)

I expect this is where your problem lies. The Cross Brace component is not made correctly. Looks like youcreated the component and then opened it for editing before copying the geometry within it. Notice the large bounding box when you select it. You did the same with the Side 1x2 component. The Cutlist extensions report the dimensions of the component bounding boxes so you would get incorrect information for those components. Do what you did for the legs and the side panels where you copied the component, not the geometry within.

Screenshot - 7_5_2022 , 1_34_43 PM

Take a look at the attached.
Testing short dresser 02.skp (207.3 KB)

Thanks… I thought I had checked each of these geometries before I moved on. Will explode or make unique clean up this problem? Also how did you see this issue?

No need to explode and Make Unique will not fix the issue. Simply open each component in turn and delete the geometry for one of the parts. Exit edit mode and then copy the component properly.

I selected what I thought should be one of the rails and noticed the huge bounding box. I opened the component for editing and selected the contents which showed the issue.

thanks again.!

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You’re welcome.

If I may make a suggestion, create your models so the front of the piece is parallel to the red axis. That way the standard Front view will show the front of the piece, and the other standard views will show the appropriate sides. Makes scene set up easier and more intuitive.

Will do… for some reason the green axis keeps calling me.

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Maybe you need to change the position of the camera in your default template. :wink:

  1. On the wood, with “wood” as the material designation as opposed to dimensional lumber, I guess I must use different wood materials for two pieces that are placed perpendicularly?

  2. Why doesn’t “dimensional” lumber work for 1x2’s that are described as .75" x 1.5" in the material choices. I read (finally) that “dimensional” lumber doesn’t work for 1x2, 2x2’s…etc Why

I don’t use Open Cutlist so I’m afraid I can’t guide you on that.

The cutlist extension I use doesn’t require the gymnastics to set up.

FWIW, if you are building furniture from dimensional/construction grade lumber, you’d probably know that a 1x2 is nominally 3/4 in. by 1-1/2 in. I would probably not specify 1x2, 2x4, 2x6, etc. in a materials list although if a client required it, I would arrange the cutlist to group parts by those “names” but still give the actual dimensions for the parts.