Open cut list showing duplicates in cutting layout

Hi all I am having an interesting situation happen when using Open Cut List (OCL). I am currently using SketchUp 2023 pro on a PC platform.
I recently picked up a kitchen cabinet job and have created it in SketchUp with basically two drawings in one file. One was the model laid out to the dimensional space, and the second was the “as built construction” of the cabinets themselves. When I highlight several cabinets to generate a cut list via bounding box, OCL seems to give me 2 quantites of each piece when there should only be 1. If I go back and highlight the individual pieces of a unit using the control key OCL then shows them correctly.
Recently I had an issue with my SketchUp drawing where the cabinets were to be constructed of ¾ Maple and the client changed their mind and wanted cherry so I ordered cherry from my vendor and was informed from the sales Rep that he thought that it would be 3/4 inch as well; when I received the order it came in at 23/32 in width. So, I went back to my “as built” model in sketch up and changed the dimensions of my objects accordingly in order to have all my joinery fall in place as well as keep my dimensional space accurate.
After hearing from several of you people on this forum I decided that I would just go and change the dimensions of the objects of the cabinets I was working on at the time. However, in doing this I fear that it has affected OCL so that it is interpreting 2 items even though what is highlighted should only be one object of each I have been careful to name id each object when created into a component and all pieces of my model are components. So, when I draw a bounding box across several cabinets OCL gives me 2 items of each object in that bounding box, when I select each individual peace OCL does not give me duplicates. Would anybody have any idea of what might be going on and how I might be able to correct this in the future as I certainly have more of these cabinets to not only resize in SketchUp but to get accurate cut layouts from my sheet goods. I am suspicious that because I changed from 3/4 to 23/32 that it may be a child/ parent situation with components? I would appreciate any information in handling files in SketchUp to keep them more organized. If any of you do open the file, please let me know if you end up with the same results. Currently this situation is happening with the sink unit and its small cabinet to the right of the dishwasher as these are the only two cabinets that I have resized. Of course, the worst part of this whole situation is that I did not pick up on this until I had cut several sheets of cherry veneered plywood, fortunately most of the pieces will be reabsorbed in the other cabinets I have yet to build otherwise this would have been a pricey lesson in SketchUp. Any information would be greatly appreciated. The attached file is a copy of the area I am working on as the original model was to large to upload.
Kithchen work drawings v2.skp (5.4 MB)

there are two of everything in the model, select one item and you will see two in entity info. one on top of other

Thanks ill check entity info next session

As I can see some part are doubled. This is why OpenCutList count 2 if there’s no selection.


Thank you Boris I will investigate that as soon as I get in my office. Of course my next question will be how did I manage to double those pieces and not notice at the time I was changing them?

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I’m not sure to understand exactly why you need to double parts. But if you must. Maybe create a Tag for each part.

And hide one of the two tag through eye button of tag panel or by creating 2 scenes …

Thats just it i dont need double parts and am not sure how i managed to get them on those two units. The rest of the cabnets that i have checked seem to be fine. Somehow when i resized the panels i duplicated them. I certainly have a lot more to learn about sketch up. Again thank you all for sharing!

If you activate X-ray, doubled parts are a little bit bolder.