Cutlist 4.1 can't find components

I’m using Sketchup Make 2017 with the cutlist 4.1 extension. I’m trying to make a cutlist but it tells me theres no components selected. There is though. You can clearly see the components list.

I’m fairly new to Sketchup so I guess I’m doing something wrong.

If you have nothing selected in the model when you start the extension it’ll say there are none selected and ask if you want to run the cutlist on the entire model. Is that what you are seeing?

Screenshot - 1_23_2022 , 10_27_19 AM

If that’s not it, upload your SketchUp file so we can see how you have set up your model.

Your profile says you are using SketchUp 8 Pro. Please update your profile since that information helps us help you.

Yeah I noticed that. I’m currently updating now. I’m also using a better laptop with better processor.

I’m trying to remember how I attach the skp file. How do I add a screenshot?

Drag your .skp file or image into a reply.

Shelves for Stanley Organisers in trailer.skp (79.5 KB)

Found it.

OK. I see your .skp file. I’ll have a look.

The extension’s message is correct. There are no components in the model space. It’s all loose geometry.

You do have some components in the In Model components but none in the model space. Here I’ve dragged out the components and opened the shelf component for editing to show that it contains a bunch of loose geometry.

Look at the dimensions reported for the shelves. The CutList extension reports the dimensions of the bounding boxes.

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Here I’ve rebuilt your model correctly with yours in the background. Try running the cutlist now.
Shelves for Stanley Organisers in trailer dr.skp (84.8 KB)

It should look like this.

And this shows an exploded view of the version I made. Each “board” is a component.


Dave, you consistently go above and beyond the necessary in your replies. Just want to let you know how much I admire that.


Thank you sir.

By the way, it’s difficult to tell for sure what you did for your model to wind up as it is. Perhaps you selected all of the components, right clicked, and chose Explode?

I did click on ‘explode’ I was editing it and thought the explode function lets you choose individual components. I’m new to Sketchup so just finding my way around. I assume choosing the explode function was a mistake?

Thank you so much for doing that for me. Next time your in Glasgow I’ll buy you a pint :+1:

When you make a component or group it’s a bit like putting the selection in a clear container. Explode it’s like removing the container and throwing it away. Generally not the thing you want to do. Due to the sticky nature of geometry in SketchUp exploding all of the components in your model resulted in the edges and faces all sticking together. A bit like removing all the containers and leaving the contents in your refrigerator.

If you wanted to select a compoennt you can simply click on it with Select. If you wanted to make changes to a component, you would open it for editing first. Either Select it and press Enter, double click on it with the Select tool, or right click on it and choose Edit Component. When you’ve finished editing it you exit the edit mode which is like closing the container again.

You’re quite welcome. I’d love to visit Glasgow some day. I’ll remember that pint. :wink: