Cut List 4.1

I am using SketchUp Make 2017 and am trying to use cut list 4.1. I had all parts of the model as separate components. However, when I go to use the cut list it says there are no components found for the model. All of the components are still listed in the component list, but in the model it appears that all of the components have somehow been merged into only one component that is the entire model. I have no idea how it happened. Is there some way to unmerge all of them into separate components so I can use the cut list? thanks

Share the SketchUp file so we can see what you’ve got. It sounds like you selected the components in your model and exploded them which would destroy the components and leave just loose geometry. As long as you didn’t purge unused components you should be able to pull out the components from the Components panel and reconstruct your model. Keep in mind that if you did explode the model and had used groups, those groups will be gone. Only the components would be available.

mobile workbench 4.skp (280.5 KB)

Here is the file for the model. Hope I did that right.

Looks like you shared it correctly. It does appear that you chose Explode with the model selected. Fortunately you were using components so all is not lost. Just drag out the components from the In Model components collection and rebuild the bench.

thanks DaveR I appreciate your help and speedy reply. Some extra work but at least I can save it. I do seem to remember trying that explode option when I thought it would give me and exploded view of the model. But I found out it doesn’t do that. I guess now I know a little more about that function.

Nope. It doesn’t do that. Too bad you found out the hard way. Fortunately you used components throughout instead of groups.

Yep, very glad I used components. Thanks again for all your help.

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When a command does not do what you need, check the Edit > Undo menu item.
If it says that you can undo what the command name is, then you should fire the Undo to put the model or whatever back into the previous state.

Another workflow is to save out a copy of the model before you try something new.

Live and learn.