Creating model with geometric shapes and creating cut list

Hello, I am somewhat new to SketchUp Make 2017 but I am having fun challenging myself and learning. I am mostly working on woodworking stuff and have challenged myself to copy a geometric shaped wood project. I have attached a photo of what I am trying to model but do not quite know where to start. I would like to great a 3D model and hopefully, get a cut list with the angles shown as well. I can design it in 2D but cannot get it to go 3D or turn into a cut list. Any help giving me a direction to go?

I would model each part that I’d make in the shop and make each one a component. Since there are numerous pieces that are the same, just mirrored, a single component flipped will do the job for each. Then a cutlist using CutList 4.1 from the Extension Warehouse to get the list you want.

Quick and dirty example. No names for components and dimensions are just eyeballed so not right.

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Thank you, I think that will get me started. I will post back on how I do it

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I was able to build each piece individually. I made a 2D pattern and then just recreated it all. I the copies, flipped and mirrors it all. After it was done I made each part its own component. I installed Cut List and got similar results to what you printed. It did not print the actual cuts though with the angles. Is that something that SketchUp is able to do?

No. The Cut list extensions only report the size of the bounding boxes. You can create a scene that show the parts and add dimensins if you want. If you were using Pro you would be best to do that in LayOut and you could easily print out patterns if needed.

Ahhh…ok. That a bit of $$ ! Thank you very much for the help. I really appreciate it and learned quite a bit more about the app.

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My primary application for SketchUp is furniture modeling for plans. I’ve never found it to be a problem that the cutlist extensions report the size of the bounding boxes. I actually prefer that for my use.

I suppose having the bounding boxes (learned what that was today from this thread) is not a bad idea since you can then cut the angled pieces from that.

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